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Pomeranian with swollen eyelid and bump

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  • Pomeranian with swollen eyelid and bump

    Hi everyone, I am worrying about my puppy Harley. I noticed this evening that his right eye looks swollen and there is a bump on the upper lid. All of the veterinarian offices are closed but we do have an animal hospital, I am just not sure if this warrants a visit there or not.

    Here are some pics, and advice, experiences and knowledge are appreciated!!

    Thank you,

    The Troyers
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    Sorry about your Harley. If one of my dogs had a similar swollen eye (and one has in the past) I would head out to the vet with the first available appointment. Eye troubles can be simple to deal with if you diagnose and treat them early on. It's especially critical to have a vet determine the type of medication needed as the wrong treatment for canine eyes can do more harm.

    Please let us know how Harley is doing.
    Max - resting in on his name to read his story...
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      do you think it might be a syst?


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        I can definitely facilitate with considerate care, other than he will require to be seen by a veterinarian in person, also medication or conventional treatment for a analysis...