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Expired Heartguard?

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  • Expired Heartguard?

    So I received a donation of Heartguard from the local pet pharmacy (at the pet store where I used to work), about 10 boxes of the 1 year supply. Half the boxes are 1-25 pounds, and half is 26-50. They give them to me every so often, when boxes started to expire. However, usually the boxes are expired by about a week. These, however, have expired 2 months ago. Almost all are the little tablets, only one box is the chewables.

    I realllyyyy hate to waste them, obviously. Think they're still good?

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    ...they are still good. However, not as good as they are when they're in date. I wouldn't rely on expired heartworm prevention, but that's just me...and I don't have a million dogs.

    So, it's your doesn't work as well, but it's better than nothing.


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      Well, I have all my regular heartworm preventative. I use Iverhart monthly for everyone. I was just thrilled to get a bagload of Heartguard too, LOL.

      I called my vet. He said use the 26-50lb dose on the small dogs (under 25lbs), and double it (2 pills) for the dogs that are 26-50lbs, and double the 1-25lb dose (give the small dogs 2 pills), for the dogs under 25lbs.

      I guess I'll do that. He said it'll be just fine doing it that way, and he does it as well with his dogs when HW pills expire at the clinic.


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        ...well, if it's your vet's advice. lol We won't ever say that because you don't know how much of the drug is expired and when it expired...


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          hi dear,..
          found heartgard for large dogs that expired in nov. 2008. just wondering if its still good or if i should pitch it. thanks
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            Originally posted by Anthony123 View Post
            hi dear,..
            found heartgard for large dogs that expired in nov. 2008. just wondering if its still good or if i should pitch it. thanks
            Throw it away. Two weeks or two months is one thing. Two years is is too long.


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              One of our dogs had heartworms when we got him. It was an expensive treatment, and hard on him too. No way I'd risk a repeat of that, I'd toss it.
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