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Dasuquin Side Effects

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  • Dasuquin Side Effects

    I have a 10 year old dog who has a grade 5 heart murmur and a below average glucose level. He is currently on Lasix and Enalapril. We just added Dasuquin to his diet last week. In this last week, his blood glucose level dropped drastically (average is 120 and his went to 40). he has had 2 seizures, lost muscle coordination, can't control his bowel movements, defecates in house 12 times a day (never had accidents before), and became very disoriented. Does anyone know if Dasuquin can have bad effects on dogs that are already on other medicine?

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    Hello and welcome to pet lovers! I am sorry your dog is having this problem, it's clear you take very good care of him.

    Dasequin has no side effects, it is a harmless supplement. I would have to conclude that it's simply coincidence that this problem started around the same time you started the joint supplement.

    What does your vet say about it?

    <edit> The link you provided is a question about rimadyl, which is not the same thing as dasequin at all. Rimadyl is a NSAID, which is a pain medication. Is your dog taking rimadyl too? Rimadyl is a drug, and as such can have side effects for some dogs.
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      I will agree that your are just giving a supplement; it would not cause what your dog is experiencing. I am also curious what your vet has said about this. With his age and current heart situation, I'd be worried about Vestibular Disease or even a type of brain tumor/cancer/stroke.

      Your link, if you search for it, has a link to testimonials on Dasoquin, but it doesn't contain any product information. I'm a technician, so I know what it is...but, it really isn't helpful to others who don't know.


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        Dasuquin Reviews and Side Effects

        Hi MNAndrea,
        How are you? I hope your dog has fully recovered already. I have observed that you have posted this more than a year ago. As a vet myself, I got much interest upon seeing your pet's case. It would be really good if this thread has continued for others to learn too. Dasuquin is a product of choice for me and I highly recommend. Somehow, a lot of pet owners have really benefited from Dasuquin as it had a good foundation from its predecessor the Cosequin. Yet anyway, so far this is the only time I've heard about this controversial side effect which I myself could also hardly correlate with.

        Dasuquin reviews could be a good start for those who wanted to learn in-depth about limping problems in dogs and how dasuquin could help.

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          Have you change the insulin that you were giving him or changed the dosage. If you did that could be the reason for the change in blood sugar level as well as the other sypthoms. The seziures could be from the blood sugar level being low, as well as the the animal being wobbly a little, and it will definitly cause the bowel movements to change. all are signs of the blood suger droping. Humans get the same side effects of low blood sugar as well

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            I'm sorry to read about your little guy.

            I don't know Dasuquin, however my dog Max also had a murmur as well as a low blood glucose issue (insulinoma in his case). His vet and I determined by testing Max immediately after (within 30 minutes) a seizure that it was indeed caused by the drastic drop in blood glucose levels.
            Max, too, became incontinent especially during or immediately after seizure.

            What kind of dog do you have?

            (just a note, mine was also taking Lasix and Enalapril at one time...with the addition of steroids once the seizures became more frequent ... I was able to control his blood glucose and keep the seizures at bay for nearly a year by strictly regimented/timed food intake)
            Max - resting in on his name to read his story...
            (All shelter adopted or saved from the streets )


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              I give Dasuquin and joined this forum because of it

              I also have wondered about other pet people's experiences with this wonder supplement. This forum popped up on a google search for dasuquin side effects, so I had to join in order to answer this thread. The internet is a powerful tool and one must always take care with the information, but a broad sampling of pet people's side effects and observations is just as valid to me as the controlled experiments in a lab that is published after millions are spent by the pharm companies after a drug is released. My personal experience has been with excellent results and no visible side effects. I am using Dasuquin on a 12 yr old chow lab mix male who went totally stiff with arthritis or something else.
              He was treated for other ailments concurrently, and just today I have reduced his dose from initial (after I kept him on the 2 pill a day for 3 months) and now I will try the maintenance dose of one a day.

              I am sorry for the poster who started this thread, it seems like her dog was very ill. I do not know if she still posts here on this site. I am new to this forum and hope to contribute and obtain information. thanks.


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                  My dog, Laica, on Dasuquin

                  I have a 14 y.o. dog, mixed, small size. She was perfectly healthy, happy and playful. That's confirmed by a visit to the vet. At the clinic we decided that some chondroitin supplements would only make her good. We purchased a bottle of Dasuquin with MSM (150 tablets for small/medium dogs). A few days later (2-3 days) my dog's having this mild seizures and generally she's not feeling well. She's never had seizures before. I'm not sure if this is coincidence or not, but today I decided I'll stop giving her the tablets. I'll let you know if her state improves.
                  I was wondering if the one who started this topic would be able to tell me more about the latest situation of his/her dog.


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                    My CAT and DASUQUIN

                    I had a cat on Dasuquin for about 6 months. He developed severe diareha about 2 weeks ago and stopped eating. The reason I started him on DASUQUIN was arthritis. It worked great to relieve him of arthritis pain.

                    I had to put him down 2 days ago NOT knowing what caused his diareha. The vet thought it could been cancer of some form but I am now so sure. He lost 3 pounds I think some of it was from NOT eating.

                    I went online and found some articles about DASUQUIN and DIAREHA but I do not know if that is what caused my cat PAWS problem. Although I am skeptical now.

                    I wish I could get some input from someone with expirience with DASUQUIN.

                    I stopped giving DASUQUIN to my other cat EINSTIEN.


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                      Well i feel sorry that your loving dog is suffering from this very disease. he actually needs good care to be cured from this. have you met with any specialized person yet?
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                        There are no reported side affects for Dasuquin! Happy to say!
                        I love My Dog......


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                          Dog had seizure 1 hour after Dasuquin

                          Hello, I just found this site after searching for information related to Dasuquin and seizures. My 12 yr old female Chihuahua has signs of arthritis and we began giving her Dasuquin for cats about a month ago because she would not eat the chews.

                          That day she experienced what we now realize was a partial seizure. After that she developed diarrhea as well. Not knowing that the seizure was related to the Dasuquin, we stopped giving her the supplement at that time because she didn't like the taste of it in her food.

                          Tonight, I gave her the supplement again and an hour later, she had another partial seizure. Her vet is puzzled. There must be something else in this supplement that causes some animals to have seizures or some reason for this. My vet is researching the connection further and I will report back with any information she can find.

                          If anyone else has figured out this mystery and can post additional information, we would greatly appreciate it. We've heard these supplements work well, but we can't give her this product since it causes seizures and don't know how to help her arthritis.