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Seeing Things That Aren't There?

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  • Seeing Things That Aren't There?

    Before I go any further, just wanted to request that please, please, please, no one make any ghosts jokes. Mom's had some fun with me tonight, and I'm about to go to bed, and don't need to be freaked out anymore than what I already am, LOL.

    Alrighty, well, this is about Sam. For a while now, Sam has been seeing things that we, apparently, cannot. He has fantastic eyesight, as he likes to chase birds when he's out in the yard, and can see them with no problem. However, in the house, we've found him sometimes seeing things, I assume, that we cannot. This has happened on several occasions, but isn't necessarially a daily thing.

    Tonight, for example, we were sitting in the living room on the sofa watching a movie. Sam was laying in my lap, and looked up into the kitchen, and freaked out. Became frightened, and started barking ferociously at mid-air. Then, he began to back away, and curled up next to me shaking, while still eyeing around the entire kitchen from the sofa. He eventually calmed down.

    Then he turned his attention to the den behind us, and did the same thing. He's done this before, and is typically afraid, or startled, by... whatever it is he see's.

    I'm going to take him to the vet this week and let my vet examine his eyes, and see what else he recommends.

    Has anyone heard of this? For fellow vet tech's here, have you guys ever had a case like this come through the clinic? What was the cause/diagnosis?

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    My Tess used to do this - she'd stand on the top of the stairs looking at something and barking - we originally thought she was seeing herself in the mirror at the end of the hall, but after moving the mirror, she still did it.

    If you're already a bit freaked out, don't read on until tomorrow!
    My other dog, Chico, is a pound puppy - we never knew his history accept that he was picked up as a stray, for the first few weeks of him coming home with us, we kept hearing noises and Chico would react to noises and watch things that weren't there. One day, I went out and forgot to fill his water bowl. When I got home, someone had given him fresh water and put food down for him - there was no one else in the house!

    We have also had a few occasions when it seems another dog was in the house - we've heard paws on the upstairs floor boards, when both dogs were with us downstairs (the dogs heard it too!) we've had a dog brush by us in the hall when both dogs were in the yard.

    All these thing were before we moved to Australia, both dogs are now staying with my mum in Ireland and she hasn't reported anything strange lately, but we'll see...


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      Originally posted by SarahK View Post
      If you're already a bit freaked out, don't read on until tomorrow!
      Whycan'tIfollowinstructionsWhycan'tIfollowinstruct ionsWhycan'tIfollowinstructions


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        lol I warned ya - sorry!!


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          Levon is big on doing this too, and its odd because its the only time he barks. I've read that they're not actually seeing things, but hearing things and reacting to the sound. So it could be something like a mouse in the walls or trees in the wind that sets them off. It just looks like they are staring at something when they are really listening intensely.


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            Years ago when I was a teenager, My friend had a yorkie who used to do this. One night, he freaked her out so much that she climbed out the living room window and went to the neighbours house til her mum came home! Pip


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              I don't think this is so crazy. First, I do believe their are things most of us don't sense. Spirits, or whatever you want to call them. Research says children and animals are more open to this phenomenon. I had a friend who had a very chilling happening once. She had a very cold breeze suddenly waft through a room. Both of her dogs awoke, hackled and followed something (unseen by her) across the room. Then the room rewarmed and the dogs dropped their heads and went back to sleep. She was terrified.

              Before I'd put your dogs actions down to the paranormal though, I'd think eyesight problems. Failing eyes will at times cause a dog to become suspicious and frightened of shadows and sights they don't understand.
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                Home alone, always a good time to re-read my thread, LOL.

                Anyhoo, I am hoping it's his eyes. I'm going to take him in this week and let the vet have a look. He's only 2 years old, so he's not that old. Hopefully it's nothing major, but maybe it'll be something minor... it'd sure make me feel a helluva a lot better, LOL.


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                  I don't think theres going to be a medical cause of this. Unless your dogs skitzofranic lol. (probably didn't spell that right) My dogs do this on the regular, I have atleast 2 ghosts in my house. I've actualy seen the one, twice. And theres a child that likes to play tricks on us, like turning lights off and throwing things. I'd probably just say your dogs got a keen sense of ghosts, or like katiem already said, it's hearing somthing that is frightening it.


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                    i don't know if this will help, but along with the paranormal...dogs who have eye conditions can be as young as bubba was just diagnosed with a condition that is pug related....

                    also....i have a dog who can hear a raccoon two counties away...she is like radar......

                    what's really freaky about malia is she knows and i mean...knows when honey is twenty minutes away from home as he is driving home from work. he doesn't call, so it's not a habit...she just senses him as he approaches...

                    i've learned to NEVER underestimate the power of animals and their senses.


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                      I love paranomal animal stories. It's such a comfort. Yeah, it's spooky, but to think they're still out there, or that someone's watching over your animals is great. I saw my cat Figaro twice after he passed away. Once, just walking through the house, and once in my bed when I woke up.

                      I just pray that maybe Linus will come visit me once so I can see him before he moves onto his very important business I'm sure he has elsewhere.
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