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What to do with "wolf" on my dogs neck

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  • What to do with "wolf" on my dogs neck

    New to this site
    Does anyone know what to do for a "wolf" on a dogs neck?
    That is what i remember them being called when i was little.
    And also what causes it?
    thanks for any info.

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    Are you talking about Cuterebra's? Like Wolf Worms or something? A fly lands on the animal and leaves the larvae with then burrows into the animals skin until it's mature enough to come out. It needs to be removed by your vet. Those things can cause a world of problems.


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      thank you TIFFERS


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        You're welcome.

        I wouldn't try removing it yourself. Many times the hole the bugger has made will need to be enlarged, and if the bugger ruptures inside your dog, your dog can get very, very ill.

        Your vet will certainly put you on antibiotics since there's an infection living around the cuterebra.


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          The last feral kitten I brought home had one, it had already emerged by the time we got her to the vet, and it left an awful infected sore in her neck. Lots of antibiotics, pain meds and twice daily clean out of the spot. The sooner you get to the vet the better.
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