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Concerned. Shih-tzu shaking.

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  • Concerned. Shih-tzu shaking.

    Hey guys.

    I'm a little concerned about Peanut. I got home today and he was shaking really bad. I don't think he's in pain because I picked him up and she stopped. I guess it's possible he's cold...I have the heat at 67, and put a sweater on him, seems to be doing better but his nose is really cold. Anything I should look for to make sure it's not serious?
    Personality wise he's is still his normal self...playful, tail wagging. Something is just rubbing me the wrong way I guess.

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    Peanut was probably very happy to see you. Lily does that too sometimes.
    Lily is also shih tzu.
    I wouldnt worry too much unless he shakes for no reason.


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      Max (my shih tzu) began shaking when he began having insulin problems. It was a symptom that I overlooked for much too long. I, too, put it off to "cold" temperatures. I still regret not paying more attention to that.

      Peanut may just be cold, but I'd have a vet check for both hypo and hyper insulin production...or at least ask about the shaking as a symptom.
      Max - resting in on his name to read his story...
      (All shelter adopted or saved from the streets )


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        I agree with Julia. Not to scare you, but I just this fall was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and I would go through spells of extreme heat flashes and then extreme cold, so it's something to check out. If that's the case, then you just get to make sure they eat more often!!

        Hope your pup feels 100% better very soon!
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          Thanks for your help guys. I'll have to get him into the vet here soon.


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            Peanut is fine. Apparently he was just cold because I cut his fur off. Lol. I worry about mats a lot and decided to cut him shorter then normal...he's got his sweater on now and seems to be fine. Thank you all for your ideas!