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Red line in the gum above the teeth

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  • Red line in the gum above the teeth

    When I took Maja to get her yearly vaccins the vet noticed a red line going across the gum right above her teeth. He said that that could cause problems and I should probably make an appointment for an x-ray to check it out. At the time I did not have the money (can cost up to 1200 dollars! ) so I had to wait. Now a few months later I have made an appointment. However, I feel very very anxious about the whole procedure. Has anyone else here has that done to their dog or can tell me some calming words. I know it is just an x-ray and hopefully they will find that everything is alright, but still... I have a hard time relaxing about this now...
    Emma with Maja the Spanish poodle mix

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    ...a red line across the gums above the teeth is generally just inflammation. You can see what I'm talking about here.

    I'm also shocked that Dental Xrays are that much! Is that all they're going to do is Xrays?!

    What else did the vet say, did you see this line he was talking about? Can you go into more detail about it so I can better help you?


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      I could see the line, it is suposedly common amongs small dogs/terriers...

      He said that it can be an inflammation in the gum, but if it is and it goes untreated, it can do more damage to the kidney (?) something like that.

      The x-ray in itself costs about 600-700 dollars. But in worst case scenario (what ever that would be, I do not know) it can end up costin 900-1200 dollars.

      Unfortunately I blindly trust the vet. I also am very nervous around animal hospitals (am always scared they will find something deadly, I guess), that what ever the vet says when I am there, goes in through one ear, and out through the other......... Not a good side when your an animal owner I guess, but that is just the way i am.... :P
      Emma with Maja the Spanish poodle mix


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        Btw, the line in Maja's mouth is just the same as the one in the pic you linked to. Is the vet just trying to trick me?
        Emma with Maja the Spanish poodle mix


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          Actually, just looked at it again, and the pic you showed is (looks) worse than the one on Maja. However, that might not mean anything. The most important thing is Maja's wellbeing!
          Emma with Maja the Spanish poodle mix


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            Is there a way you can get a second opinion from a vet? That seems very extreme for x-rays. We pay $50-200 for xrays for a pet up here.
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              I'm also going to STRONGLY advise another opinion. The picture I showed you is minimal gingivitis...inflammation of the gums due to bacteria in the mouth. Inflammation doesn't warrant x-rays by any means. Don't blindly trust your vet, if Dental Xrays cost that much...I'd hate to have to take my dog there for leg xrays!

              The inflammation can be dealt with via a dental cleaning. And yes, if you let her mouth go untreated...the bacteria that is steadily multiplying in her mouth is going to affect her liver, brain, heart, kidneys, etc.

              If Maja's teeth look similar to those above, she is not in 'grave' danger. Just a little on the unhealthy side of dental health. Please get a second opinion.


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                Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                Emma with Maja the Spanish poodle mix


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                  Btw, should I just make an appointment for a dental cleaning instead? (maybe at another - cheaper - place?) and get a second opinion autmatically through that? (might be a stupid question, but things work a lot differently here than in my home country, especially when it comes to the costs...)
                  Emma with Maja the Spanish poodle mix


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           should make an appointment to check out Maja's mouth. Don't tell them about the original diagnosis until they bring it don't even have to mention it. Just let them know you've noticed the gums above her teeth are a little red and you're worried.

                    You shouldn't always base your opinions on cost. Sometimes, people will try to screw you over with wanting too much...or not wanting enough. Just try a new place, see their to them...and get an estimate of services.