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My dog is throwing up. Brown Stuff???

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  • My dog is throwing up. Brown Stuff???

    Ok, so yesterday my dog threw up 3 times. First it was greenish goo then I believe when most everything had left his stomach it was more greenish/white foamy. He has also been pooping a lot and not eating.

    Last night I awoke to find two spots of greenish/foamy puke on the rug and two spots of thick brownish stuff. One rather large and one tiny spot. My first thought was he puked blood but on closer examination it was very watery and came out brownish/green on the paper towel. (no red) However...if it isn't blood I don't know what it could be. (I am no expert by far)

    This morning he has been having extreme liquid diarrhea outside. Not sure if this was also happening yesterday or not but it is likely. So..maybe last nights pools of brown blood were actually diarrhea?

    Any advice on this? He hasn't eaten but does drink some water. He does not seem to be in pain but does seem a bit lethargic and shaky. He has not eaten anything to my knowledge out of the ordinary and he just had a vet check-up last week. (it is possible he ate something in the yard without my knowledge) He is an 11 year old Shi Tzu mix.


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    I would give the vet a call just to be sure. Did he get any vaccines at the vet last week?

    He could have easily eaten something you aren't aware of. Your best bet is always a trip to the vet with this kind of situation. You never know if he could have gotten into anti-freeze or anything else nasty outside.



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      No vaccines and certainly no anti-freeze

      He did not receive anything at the vet other than a check up and blood drawn.

      There is nothing in my yard chemical related. The only thing I could think of is a dead animal or bone or something... however, I've checked the yard and can find nothing. (the yard is not large)

      I am sick of feeling ripped off by the vet. Each vet I go to seems to say different things about my pet. I know that if I go they will do all these tests and it will cost me big time. Not that I don't care about my pet but if this is just a passing thing I want to weather it.


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        His drinking water is a good sign, but not eating, vomitting, and diarrhea is a pretty intense combination which will cause dehydration. This is probably why your dog is shaking. Also, not eating is probably causing his blood sugar level to drop.

        I'm sure others here have advise for you as well. I am just concerned that it will cost you more money the longer you wait to take him in if they have to end up giving him fluids for the dehydration.

        I'm sorry that you feel ripped off by whatever vet you visit. Maybe it's time to find a new vet? There are always good vets and bad vets, just like doctors, lawyers, or anyone else out there.



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          vets and more vets

          I just went to a new vet...I have never found one that I have loved.

          I'm not sure if I should have mentioned the shaking. My dog shakes a lot due to stress and cold...and I don't know what else. When he's unhappy I think he shivers. He has always been this way.


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            That_girl has pointed out something important with regard to the shaking. Please don't dismiss it too lightly. Your dog is a senior and especially prone to the diseases that come with aging. The shaking could be a sign of a drop in blood glucose as she mentioned.
            If I was in your position, and believed my dog to be in good health, I guess I'd make sure he was drinking and I'd restrict all food for 24 hours. Then I'd give him only boiled chicken and rice for a couple of days. If the vomiting and diarrhea didn't stop in that first 24 hour period, I'd take him back in to the vet. There are medicines available to stop vomiting and diarrhea if your vet deems it necessary.
            Good luck. I hope your little guy is back to normal soon.

            (PS. I have an older shih tzu who has insulinoma...he shakes when his insulin level is high and causing a drop in blood glucose level)
            Max - resting in on his name to read his story...
            (All shelter adopted or saved from the streets )


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              Something very common in older pets is HGE. It's basically a HUGE gastric upset. Any time an older pet is vomiting or having diarrhea that persists more than a day, we consider it something serious. If you don't like any of the vets you've been to, keep searching until you find one. Your kiddo needs a vet.

              Does the puke/diarrhea have what looks like Coffee Grounds or blood clots in it? That's a sure HGE sign, and needs serious and aggressive treatment.


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                getting better

                Thanks for all the suggestions. He's doing better today though. He threw up a couple times this morning but it was normal looking. He's been acting normal so hopefully whatever it was will pass.


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                  Throwing up for that long is not "normal." Please consider finding a Vet.