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MY dog drags his butt on carpet. WHY?

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  • MY dog drags his butt on carpet. WHY?

    Hi. My beagle drags his butt around on the carpet. I've caught him doing it a couple times over the last month or so. What does this mean? I'm assuming some sort of worms or parasites or something?

    He recently became constipated, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it. The only reason I mention it is because I am taking him to the vet for his constipation tomorrow morning.

    He's about 12 years old and he also gaggs alot. Do you think the gagging has anything to do with it? Also, I have another dog in the house, an Australian Sheapard. If my beagle has worms, do you think it can be transferred to the other dog?

    Please let me know your thoughts. thank you.

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    you mean like scooting his butt on the carpet? in a comical, hysterical way? i have a clip somewhere i caught on tape of a friend's maltese doing it! it's hilarious... lol

    they could "scoot" for various reasons, and youre right about getting an answer from the vet to check it out.

    it could be worms/parasite, it could be that they need to get their anal gland expressed (usually when you get your dog groomed, the groomer will do it for you.) or it could simply be that they have some fecal matter stuck on there, and they're trying to get it unstuck.

    whatever it is, by him scooting his butt across the ground, he is trying to get some relief, so its great your going to get a vet to check it out!

    dont they look hilarious doing it though?



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      by the way, have you tried giving him a little pumpkin to help relieve the constipation?

      the plain canned pumpkin is fine with no spices, salt sugar etc added.


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        A lot of groomers don't do anal glands anymore because of the dangers. If his anal glands are full, then he cannot poop past them. I just had Chica's Anal Glands removed on Friday. She's had chronic anal gland problems for about 6 months now.