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red spot on dog's belly....HELP!!!

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  • red spot on dog's belly....HELP!!!

    I have no idea what this is or how it got there...can anyone tell me if this is serious????? Or Can i wait until tomorrow to take her to the vet???
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    May be any of these



    allergic reaction to something

    just a wound

    i'd have a vet check her
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      Is it raised? If it is then I would take her to the vet to get it aspirated because you want to rule out a mast cell tumor. Either was I would just take her in tomorrow and get it checked out.
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        first thing I thught of was ringworm.
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          If it has a distinct ring on the outer edge (slightly raised compared to the inner portion), then is sounds like ringworm, which is contagious to other animals, and to humans as well. Please keep us updated on what you find out at the vet.
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            Although lyme is usually more of a target shape, with 2 rings, it could also be lyme disease with the red ring look to it.

            First thing I though of was ringworm though. Check your body for it too!


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              Great thought Philly! I forgot about lyme.
              "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant
              Click every day to save a stray until he finds a loving home.


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                I noticed a much smaller red spot on my pup's lower belly (near her genitals) and couldn't really tell if it was ringworm-ish, insect bite or just a little irritation. I decided to treat it by dabbing with a bit of tea tree oil as I keep an eye on it before consulting my vet. The spot totally cleared with a couple of days of twice daily tea tree oil.

                Do you know what it is/was by now?


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                  Please be aware that tea tree oil is DEADLY to cats. If they even rub up against the dog and any of the oil gets on the cat it can cause serious neurological damage and even death.


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                    Home Remedy 4 Ring worm

                    Just a tip. Putting a very small amount of toothpaste on ring worm will clear it up. use gloves, put small amount on fingertip and rub on. Just a drop. Will not harm your dog. If worried, use childrens toothpaste.


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                      my dog got red spots on her belly one time I thought it was ring worm but it was some kind of a bacterial infection possibly caused by insect bites. she kinda started out with one or two spots then got more only notice them on her belly.


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                        red spots

                        My toy rat terrier has similar looking spots. They appear one at a time, then disappear in a couple of days. The third one has just appeared and is fading.

                        Prior to the spots, she had some light colored to white stools-- they are now normal. I don't know if they are related.

                        Yesterday, her face swelled up and the vet recommended Benadryl. The swelling is mostly down, but she has vomited twice.



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                          My Dachshund Has the Same Spot

                          I just noticed the same red spot on my little "Ty". It is round with one red outer ring.

                          Did anyone find out what that was in thr picture?? He was outside sitting on the grass for a few hours today. Should I be worried?


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                            White stools can be liver disease. You need a Vet.


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                              Barkley gets the red bumps you have a picture of on his belly also. His vet said they were black fly bites, and here in Connecticut the flies would be gone in a month or so. They don't seem to bother him at all so we just let them be.