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Growth on lip and inside mouth

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  • Growth on lip and inside mouth

    I have a 9 month old siberian husky. He's always been in great health, and I keep his mouth and teeth very clean. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and had a friend stay at my house to take care of him while I was gone and so he wouldn't have to go to a kennel. I got back today and was playing with him. Normally when I feed him, he gobbles the food down SO fast he doesn't even chew. When I fed him just now, he slowly picked at his food and just chewed it cautiously. I thought, oh, maybe he's just grown up a bit.

    When I was playing with him, I noticed he had some pink bumps that looked like polyps or skin growths on his lip. Then he licked me, and his tongue felt more rough than usual, and noticed he had some white bumps on his tongue. Then I looked at the roof of his mouth and saw a growth there too! I'm taking him to the vet on monday, but has anyone encountered this or knows what it is? I'm so worried it's like some kind of a cancerous growth or something, but he seems so young to have that!

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    He could have thrush, a fungal infection if it's white spots. It's caused by candida, a type of yeast.

    I would get him checked out ASAP. He could have gotten into some chemicals or something, did you friend have any explanation for his condition?
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      i haven't talked to my friend yet. He might not have noticed. They're like light pink bumps or cauliflower kind of growths. Unforunately I can't take him in until monday, since the vet isn't open until tomorrow. *sigh*


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        it could be viral papilloma


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          ewwwwww! that's exactly what it looks like! dammmn. does anyone know how they get this and if its infectious to other dogs?


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            Sorry your Husky has these growths.

            Here is another site I found on the papillomas Jojo mentioned.


            According to this site, it says they are contagious and take 1-2 months to incubate, so I would stay on the safe side and keep any other dogs from coming in contact with him. The immune system plays a big part in fighting this, so ensuring he is getting all the nutrients needed to boost his immune system will help. Thank goodness you are going in tomorrow, so seperating won't be such long time until then.

            Please keep us updated on what the vets says and good luck. Good thoughts sent his way.
            "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant
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              no worries, it should go away in no time so long as you follow the vets advice. It could be stress related too. Well, keep us poste don your baby. Hope for a speedy recovery!


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                Thanks for all your help. Yah, I'm taking him in tomorrow. I'm trying to keep him away from my other 2 little dogs, though they are older than him, so hopefully they'll be okay. It sucks though that he's like this, and that I had to come home from vacation to this, as I'm sure it's uncomfortable for him, and I'm sure that putting him to sleep while freezing and removing them is NOT going to be cheap. *sigh* I wonder where he got them from?! Hrm.


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                  he will be fine and it will be over soon enough! they may just tell you to monitor the growths and let them go away on their own. They should. If they are due to stress, that makes sense since you were gone.


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                    So Kvasik had his surgery today to remove his warts....$500 later....*sigh* He seems to be alright and the vet says he's happy with the results. We'll just have to see if his immune systems kicks in and it clears up in the next couple months


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                      Oh poor Kvasik! I hope it does not return and this is the last you have to deal with this! I have never had a dog get papillomas so don't know much about them. Keep us updated on how Kvasik is now that they have been removed.


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                        Thanks for the update on Kvasik. Sending him good thoughts for a speedy recovery and that he is able to fight any further ones from developing!!
                        "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant
                        Click every day to save a stray until he finds a loving home.


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                          How is he doing? Glad to hear all went well. Hopefully now that you are home, they will not come back.