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please be careful with pesticides!

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  • please be careful with pesticides!

    this was posted on one of my boss's groups. it is something to take into consideration.

    Sorry this has taken so long, but I am now trying to get caught up on
    > reading all the emails....Helen asked if I would please share how the
    > "terrible poisoning happened" - I will sadly if it will help even a single
    > animal...
    > At the beginning of April we traveled from WNY to Perry GA for our
    > Specialty - for Keeper and I it was like going home as we had competed
    > times at this facility. We stayed at the "host hotel" - the Best Western
    > just behind the Cracker Barrel restaurant at that exit off I-75. We went
    > from temps in the low 60's to quite warm temps, from grey skies to
    > First day of the Specialty is Agility - we spend the day at the event and
    > qualify in 2nd place in Ex A Std - I am thrilled and Keeper is happy as
    > be though he is quite hot as the day probably got up to the low 80's -
    > really warm for a dog with a thick winter coat. So we head over to the
    > hotel room to cool out before I go back to the show site to watch some of
    > the veteran sweeps. It was when he walked in the lobby to our room that
    > walked through a freshly sprayed layer of pesticide put down by the hotel
    > prevent bugs and stuff inside the hotel. There were no warnings posted on
    > any door or I would have left him in the car with the A\C running. To top
    > everything off, we were staying in a room with three other people and two
    > other dogs and it was quite chaotic - lots of noise and very different
    > what we were used to at home - lots of peace and quiet.
    > Anyway, the first day Keeper had gone swimming in one of the ponds and
    > there were many dogs who ended up showing the same symptoms as Keeper -
    > softer stool, lack of appetite, then bursting watery stool, dark red in
    > color. The vets who were attending suggested Imodium and changed it to
    > Flagel when the Imodium did not work. Then Keeper stopped drinking - he
    > always a big drinker but one of the people staying in the room would yell
    > him when he drank a lot so he may have stopped because of her screaming
    > screeching at him (I am not kidding, she really did it even when I told
    > to stop).
    > On the Thursday we were there, a friend gave him 500 cc of subq fluids and
    > he perked up a bit, plus we moved because we could no longer handle the
    > screaming. The big issue then became the drive home (1,000 miles). I
    > managed to make it to the vet the day we arrived back (Monday) and at this
    > point, he received another 500 cc of fluids and we did blood work. But it
    > was 7 days since the ingestion. I took him to another vet closer to home
    > because my vet is closed on Tuesday and they kept him O\N to give him IV
    > fluids (1500 cc) and to more closely monitor him. But during this whole
    > time he pretty much is refusing to eat (now about 7 days since he had had
    > anything of substance except for a bit of baby food) and they sent him
    > on Wednesday. Back to the vet on Saturday, a third series of blood work
    > the one thing that kept coming back was that his liver had very high
    > Alkaline Phosphatase enzyme - his liver was failing. On the Wednesday, I
    > learned through a friend that the hotel had sprayed a pesticide inside the
    > hotel lobby areas so the next day, I began making calls to track down the
    > type. I got all the paper work on it - states it kills the bugs and has
    > been seen to kill fish, but should be harmless to pets and children.
    > At the next vet visit, we did x-rays to rule out anything he might have
    > eaten - at this point, my finances were running really low. But my vet
    > suggested I get an ultrasound to see if anything else was happening which
    > when we found the lymphoma - in both chest and abdominal cavities. I was
    > devastated as I had worked so hard to eliminate what I thought would cause
    > this horrid invasion - fed raw, very limited vaccines after his puppy
    > series, filtered water, etc. This vet gave him a cortisone shot and gave
    > some pred to give him daily. 3 days later he began eating again - came to
    > me for the food - I was thrilled and hopeful. Then I managed to get
    > squeezed in for an appt with the local homeopathic vet and she was willing
    > to give it a go because Keeper was. But he was very tired.
    > So he got Chinese herbs and three other tonics she concocted to be given
    > a day, but in the end his liver never recovered so we could attack the
    > lymphoma (which has successfully been put into remission many times 6-24
    > months) and he died on May 29th at 11:35pm (the absolute worst moment in
    > life). But he died the way he wanted and with me nearby. Touching him
    > became so very difficult for him because his skin became very very
    > sensitive. For me, I have lost my soulmate, my bestest bud, my once in a
    > lifetime dog.
    > Please always try to stay in Outty hotels\motels (rooms with doors to the
    > outside) as they are less likely to be spraying without announcing.
    > ask the hotel policy for any type of pest control. Outside is required by
    > law, but how do they handle inside? I have a very difficult time
    > now because of what has happened. I am hoping to stay with friends in a
    > camper at the next specialty or to find a cabin to rent for my stay. Plus
    > to be honest, I don't know that I will ever stay with anyone again because
    > think the stress of rooming with so many loud people did not help.
    > Amanda, Lulu, my Swedish beauty, and Karat, coming soon,
    > with a watching Keeper, always with me in spirit, forever my boy