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My dogs gums are bleeding...

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  • My dogs gums are bleeding...

    My new greyhounds gums are bleeding a little when he chews on his bone. Greyhounds teeth aren't the greatest in the world but I don't think that they should be bleeding! He just got his teeth cleaned last week! What should I do?

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    May be they are just sensative from being cleaned as he may have had quite a bit of tartar build up. Call the vet to make sure
    Therese, Patch O' Pits Proud Mom


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      We are goin to the vet tomorrow so we are going to ask.


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        Originally posted by greyhounds
        We are goin to the vet tomorrow so we are going to ask.
        I hope your baby is OK? Keep us posted!
        Therese, Patch O' Pits Proud Mom


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          grrrrr..we wern't able to go today but TOMORROW hopefully is the day!


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            Did you find out anything?
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              grrrrr no. We didn't go to the vet today either! I DO know that greyhounds gums are REALLY bad..also their teeth. grrrr..we WILL be goin in the next month though hopefully!


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                A little bleeding immediately following a dental cleaning is not uncommon. Also, bleeding while chewing bones is not uncommon, even when there has been no dental cleaning. In fact, the bleeding shows that the dog is stimulating the gums by chewing, contributing to overall good gum health. It is akin to us flossing - yes, we occasionally bleed, but it is good for us because it not only cleans the gums, but toughens them up.

                Of course, excessive bleeding is not normal. If it occurs in very large quantities, or happens even when the dog is not chewing the bone, there could be a serious disease process at work. For example, just a couple of weeks ago, a canine patient of mine that had excessive bleeding following a dental procedure, turn out to have a life threatening clotting disorder.

                So keep a close eye on her. We don't expect to see wierd diseases like clotting disoorders, but greyhounds are one of those breeds that have a greater tendecy to have obscure diseases. Best of luck you and your pooch. Greyhounds are one of my favorite breed! rw
                Roger L. Welton, DVM
                Host, The Web-DVM TV & Blog


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                  Although the bone should be good for your dog to chew on. If it has sharp edges sometimes they can cause cuts in the gums but they typically heal quickly. If the bleeding persists, you might consider a commercial product like Greenies. They are really popular and will help your dog's gums.
                  Good luck!


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                    ok. He is better now. The gums are just red when he chews the bone. All is well


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                      Glad to hear he's doing better!
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                        I had heard rave reviews about Greenies (usually from pet stores) and decided to do some research. Since people usually believe things they read themselves, just go to google and type in "problems with greenies" and you'll find some interesting conversation strings. All I know is, I threw my package of greenies away and am thanking God that I found out about the horrible problems with the product before we brought our new baby home.



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                          Yay, sure glad he is doing better!
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                            Bad teeth and Gums

                            My Nicholas came to live with us a few months ago. He had never been fixed. He would not play with toys or chew bones because for 3 years his teeth were so bad. While he got fixed they did a major dental cleaning. I mean his teeth were black and gums where swollen. Once he had the cleaning .. he loves his bones. I call him Nicky Bones now. I sell pet products and I have always been leary about selling greenies. I havent been able to find enough information about them to see if they are safe enough and specifically what is in them. Other then bones for dogs. You should look into brushing your dogs teeth. My boys have a routine just like children. They come in the bathroom at night get their face cleaned and ears and teeth. They both now have beatufil smiles and no stinky breath.