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adopt vs. breed

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  • adopt vs. breed

    What are people's thoughts on the pros and cons of adopting a puppy vs. getting from a breeder?

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    I bought a puppy from a breeder who also rescues dogs too. I think rescuing a dog is a great thing, but Chibby is my first dog. Having no experience with training a dog, I wanted one that was a clean slate, so to speak. I live in a very dense environment, and couldn't risk getting a dog with separation anxiety. I do hope, in the future, to get a rescue dog. The good thing is that the breeder does rescue dogs, so I am supporting the right person. She's in good standing with the AKC and Chihuahua Club, and I picked my dog up at her residence. It's not a puppy mill.


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      For some reason I grew up thinking that it is a common practice for people to adopt instead of buying a dog but that is probably because I did not grow up in an environment with sufficient information. As I became older, my personal thoughts would be that adopting is a great move, but I worry about the shorter period of time the dog can be with me, as compared to getting a puppy from a breeder. It would be so sad to get attached to the dog but have lesser time together This is one of my concerns as I think about getting a dog in the near future although I do not own one now.