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found puppy

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  • found puppy

    My husband called me at work today and he found this little puppy hiding under one of the trains. It's prob 7 or 8 weeks old and is super cute. It looks pitbull and maybe some lab.

    My husband wants to keep it but we already have 4 dogs and are getting a lab puppy this time next year so adding another is out of the question.

    I think one of his co-workers is gong to take it but if it doesn't then I told my husband to bring him home and we would foster him and try and find him a home.

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    You Angels!


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      I would save them all if I could Special.


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        How is pup doing? Has the co-worker decided to keep the little guy?


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          He took him to the vet he has an upper respritory infection which is being treated and worms also being treated. He is trying to find him a home but if he cant he will keep him.


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            I really hope you will find a home for him!