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    Thanks so much Heather that's the thorough kind of answer I needed. We're just waiting on getting the sounds now and then it'll start.

    Today, Liz met me at my flat rather than the car park nearby so Monkey was keen to get out with the big boys there (Ozzie and Buddy) and then Ry took them for a street walk later and said he was ok.

    Tomorrow we are taking them to that park with the lake and woodlands (I've done picture threads with that park)

    We are verbally praising Monkey when his tail is up and he looks happy.

    Will keep you all updated anyway, many thanks again, Pip


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      So, we went to Earlham Park today. I forgot my camera so you'll just have to trust me when I say that both dogs had a rip roaringling great time!

      Monkey's tail was up the whole time, he paddled, raced around, played with other doggies and generally had a fab time!

      We walked for an hour and a half and he was fine the whole time. So we have happy dogs and a very happy owner too!



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        Wonderful update Pip! Glad both dogs were happy.
        ATTITUDE! Life is 10% what happens to one and 90% how one reacts to it! sigpic


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          We had our first sound session today. Three minutes of aircraft noise on very low volume. Monkey was ok with it, and he came to me and did a 'touch' (nose touching my hand) for a treat while it was playing with his tail wagging like mad!

          It was on very very low but I won't rush this as apparently this is the most common mistake and could set us back.

          The cd is great and includes all kinds of sounds so we can also work on thunder, fireworks and others eventually.

          Also you're meant to top it up every now and then (as with all training I guess) just to make sure the phobia stays away.

          I'll keep you updated of course but many thanks again everyone and Monkey sayd thanks too! Pip


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            So, my colleague and I picked Monkey up from Ryan who had taken him to work as Tills was in the vets, we got home and I got on with some chores including washing all the dog beds etc.

            Was going to do some more sound training with Monkey whe some more bloody jets flew over! Bad enough, but he didn't even have his under the bed bed to go to as I was washing it!

            He cowered near the front door, in the airing cupboard and in the bathroom til he was panting!

            I quickly put the radio up loud, put him some clean bedding back under the bed and there he went. Other than that I ignored him. which I thought was best.

            Liz came over with the boys to encourage him to go out to do his business if nothing else which he did but we had to come straight back as he was not a happy bunny. A big lorry and 3 emergency vehicles with sirens blaring didn't help matters.

            Anyway, he stayed under the bed and wouldn't come out for love nor money until I asked him if he was coming to pick Tilly up from the vets with us. With that, he flew out from under the bed and dragged me out the door bless him!

            So I feel we've had a set back today. Unfortunatley I can't control the volume of the real jets. We'll keep trying though.



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              Poor Monkey. Isn't he brave though, facing his fears to go and get Tilly? Bless. You'll get him through, Pip, I have faith in you guys.



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                Very strange, but I'm delighted to report that we all (Liz and the boys too) had such a lovley walk today! Monkey was fine and so happy! His tail was up and he was dancing around!

                A helicopter flew over so I started singing a song (Heather's idea) about stupid noisy helicopters and I was running around acting the fool and he was fine!!!

                Maybe yesterday he was additionally stressed as he didn't have his hard nut sister with him??



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                  That's fantastic. Also, hahahahaha!


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                    awl, poor monkey; sounds like you are doing exceptionally well with him.

                    keep us updated..


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                      In general Monkey is doing really well although he did have a bad day today. More jets had been going over and when Ryan walked them he had to bring him home as he really didn't want to be out.

                      He seems worse with Ryan, maybe cos he first experienced the jets when he was with Ry??

                      Sound cd is still on very low volume. I don't know if we can ever truly get him ok with the really loud jets as they really are incredibly loud, but I think we can get to the stage where he does want to go out and is happy once again when he sees his lead!!

                      He really must have extra sensitive hearing as he sometimes jumps when we haven't heard anything at all and neither has Tilly or the cats.



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                        Monkey on the whole is getting worse

                        He's had an upset tummy since Tuesday (as in diarrhoea/squishy poop) during the night and when we are out.

                        I've not been able to use the sound cd as he's been under the bed most of the time so I can't asses how's he's reacting to it etc...

                        So today we went back to the vet (our preffered vet, the one who had him when he was recovering from his op after he was found).

                        He is having a blood and faecal test for intolerences, as Sheilagh (the vet) wants to treat him holistically.

                        And we are having a behavioust referral for him too.

                        I cried when I got to the desk as I felt so overwhelmed. I've been worrying about him so much and feeling so sad (but trying not to show him) and we're short staffed at work and I'm so tired so that doesn't help.

                        My Dad is helping us out with money as Ryan's work was really slack at the beginning of the year and we are still suffering from that, and our insurance doesn't cover behavioural problems, and we are still waiting for the money back from Tilly's x-ray.

                        As you know, I would do ANYTHING to get my babies the care they need but it is an added stress (esp for Ryan).

                        I'm so low about all this as I just want my boy to be happy. I wish I could just explain to him that I won't let anything or anyone hurt him but I can't

                        Any support from you guys would be so much appreciated by me at this time as I just feel I can't cope.

                        Thanks for reading, Pip x


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                          awl, pip... sorry for delay; i have been running my tail of lately....
                          i am sorry you are going through such a tuff time right now.. BUT KNOW that you are an exceptional mom doing everything that you can to do what is best for monkey

                          money being tight sure doesn't help matters; sorry; i wish that they could understand that too (you wouldn't let anything happen to him), bless his heart..

                          just try to wait until the blood work results are back and go from there. you can't fix everything in one day; small baby steps,, day by day, hour by hour (if need be)...

                          i feel so bad for you and monkey,,,,
                          HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS,,, wishes for good vibes to come your way....


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                            Thanks so much Christy x


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                              i hope you have a good weekend,,, give monkey lots of hugs and kisses...
                              have the jets always bothered him? i don't recall him being like this in the beginning? and if not; why all of a sudden do they bother him?

                              ollie is like that with fireworks and gun shots; completely terrified..


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                                Christy, he's always been a bit timid of various things but some jets flew over really loud and low a few weeks ago and absolutley terrified him.

                                He ran home once from the park with thunder and hated firework season too but the jst thing has really taken hold of him and it's just escalated.

                                He breaks my heart, he's such a sweetie and I just want him to be happy and enjoy life.

                                Anyway, your support means so much to me so thank you again, Pip x