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Cat is not urinating in box...

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  • Cat is not urinating in box...


    We have a 13 year old cat that has never before had much problem about using her box. However, she has recently started to urinate on the bathroom mats. Because of this, we have started to keep her quarantined -- we have the cage up against the cat door that leads to the back patio (where her box is). That way she has the whole patio to roam around in, but can still come into the cage and thus 'into' the house during a cold night or rainy day.

    She has always been an indoor cat, and confining her like this isn't what we want to do. but we have run out of other options. We've talked to the Vet with no success. We've changed the mats out, thinking that her smell would still be lingering on them even after we washed them. We're out of ideas to try. When she is confined like she is now, she uses the box just fine. No accidents anywhere. However, whenever we give her access to the rest of the house, she starts urinating on the bathroom mats.

    She also has an hyperactive thyroid that she takes medicine for. I understand that this can cause havok on the whole body when starting or stopping treatment, however things should stabilise once the body get's used to it. Just mentioning it here in case it has any impact.

    So does anyone have any ideas on what to try, because we're fresh out...

    Thanks a bunch!

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    What do you mean you've "talked to the vet"?

    Please don't isolate your senior cat like this. An elderly cat needs to be in the bosom of her family, loved and cherished.

    Take her to the vet and find out what is wrong. She could have a urinary tract infection, or be developing kidney disease or diabetes. She could have arthritis that makes it difficult for her to get into the litter box.

    Hyperthyroid disease requires regular blood work and adjustments of the medication. It doesn't always stabilize it often needs adjustments.

    Since she is being treated for hyperthyroid my first thought is kidney failure. These two diseases often go hand in hand, but a UTI is a big possibility.

    Please, get your cat to the vet, have blood work and a urinalysis done. Throw away the rugs she is peeing on and give her several low sided litter boxes throughout the house so she can get to them and get into them easily. Keep them clean.

    And bring her back into the house where she belongs.

    Let us know how she is doing.


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      As always, great advice from Special. Only one thing to add, should it not be caused by illness. Bath rugs are really attractive to cats. If there are men or boys in the house there is usually enough urine scent on even a just cleaned bathroom floor to draw a cat to pee on it. Keeping the bathroom door shut is a simple solution.
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        She's been on the thyroid meds for over a year now without much problem. I understand that it's a constant battle, but her dosage is whatever the Vet suggests. And since she's started to urinate on the bathroom mats, she has had several urinalysis without any indication of a UTI. Can't remember when the last time she was at the vets office, but we'll take her again to be sure.

        Come to think of it, she has also urinated on the bed once or twice and once on the carpet -- all in the same room that the bathroom is attached to. The bathroom mats just seem to be the new, consistent thing. We're afraid that if we shut the bathroom door, she will resume to use the bed as a litterbox. Once we get her check at the vet, we'll try different litters, litterboxes, unscented vs scented, etc. to see if there's a combo that works better.

        But, the strange thing is that when she's confined to patio and inside cage, she uses the litterbox without problems. The litter box has been outside for a few years now so that the inside of the house doesn't have to put up with the smell (there is a person in the house who is -very- sensitive to smells and has bad sinuses). After a new trip to the vet, we'll consider moving the litter box inside somewhere.

        I agree, we hate having her confined like this.We miss having her walk around the house, lay on the arm of the sofa and hang out with us. But we also can't have her urinating in the house. We're stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one.

        I'm still welcoming any ideas, and will keep this thread posted on the developments. Thanks for the help so far!