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Expiration date on Advantage Multi/How do I get more?

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  • Expiration date on Advantage Multi/How do I get more?

    I've been using Advantage Multi on my 2 yr old cat for about a year now, and it has been working very well on him. I especially like the heartworm protection because mosquitos are very common in my area, and my cat does go outside (I take him for walks around the yard on a leash/harness). During the course of the year I had to change vets, and kitty's current vet does not carry anything similar to Advantage Multi (I would've been happy with Revolution too). A friend of mine whose cat was also on Advantage Multi gave me a box she had left over (she had to give her cat away), but the expiration date on that reads "9/09". Since it had 4 tubes left, I asked at my current vet's office about that, and was told the tubes were still good for the next few months. But I'm looking at each individual tube, and each has this month listed as the expiration date. Can I still use them? I don't feel confident doing that.

    Now the other problem is that my cat's new vet does not give out prescriptions for ordering online, so what can I do now to get the Advantage Multi? He's already had his flea spot treatment for this month, but is due to get his next the first week of Oct. Is a prescription always required?

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    What does your vet recommend for Feline Heartworm prevention then?

    I don't like using expired drugs, especially something as important as heartworm prevention, but that's me.


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      There was something the girl at the front desk mentioned, but I can't remember the name. To be quite honest the ladies there didn't even know cats could get heartworm until one of them went and asked the doctor! And even then she came back and said cats very rarely get heartworm. Maybe they don't get to see a lot of cases there because people don't bring in their cats, but that does not mean it is rare in cats.


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        No, no. They are finding that cats are getting heartworm just as much as dogs, but it presents itself in a whole different way. Feline Heartworms is a lot like asthma and such, it's more of a respiratory thing...where as dogs it's more heart. A heartworm in a cat can end up anywhere...they don't stay in the heart, and it only takes one to kill them. Have you called around to all the vets in the general area (within an hour) to see who sells something for cats?


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          I haven't, because I'm sure they would have to see my cat at least once and have some record of him before they can sell me anything for him. I've been thinking, and perhaps, what I can do is take him to his old vet for his yearly shots only (that way they still have him listed as a current patient and I can continue getting the Advantage from there), and keep his current vet for other health concerns. Some of the reasons why I had to switch vets is because the old vet was a long drive from home, which made it very hard because my kitty would get very nervous and frightened (and Heaven forbid, in an emergency it would take too long to get there). This vet also had a lot of clients on a daily basis, the majority of them being dogs, it was a long wait to be seen, and you can just imagine how stressful it was for my poor cat. He'd be scared enough already, and then to have to wait for a long while surrounded by loud dogs...he'd leave that place traumatized.


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            We don't require exams on cats for Revolution as it's a Flea Prevention and is safe for Heartworm positive animals. Maybe call around and just ask. It never hurts.