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Cat poops but doesn't pee in litter box

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  • Cat poops but doesn't pee in litter box

    I have four cats but one of them doesn't pee in the litter box. He's going to be 3 now and is neutered. He doesn't have any problem pooping in the box, I've seen him do it, but he always pees on the hard floor outside of the box. No matter how many times I clean the floor, he just pees on it again when I'm not looking. Can anyone tell me why? Should I try cleaning the litter box more often? Should I try using less litter in a box? I can't figure out why he does one but not the other in it.

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    OOOH this is beyond my boundries here as far as knowing what to tell you. We have some great members here who are really cat savvy and I know can help you on this. Good luck and I will be watching this thread because I am curious as to what they think!
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      Usually peeing outside of the box is an indication of a urinary tract infection (uti). Your first course of action should be a vet trip to see if this is the case.

      How many litter boxes do you have? Generally we recommend at least one litter box for each cat. If it's not a UTI, you may want to assess how often you clean and clean more often.

      Make sure you are cleaning the areas where he's peed with an enzyme killer to make sure the smell is completely gone. I use Nature's Miracle, it works well.



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        As Krystal said, the first thing to look for is a UTI, especially if he used to pee in the box then stopped.

        After that is ruled out, or even while you're waiting for test results, additional litterboxes would help. Some cats will not pee where they have pooped, and some will not do either where another cat has already gone.

        I'd definately scoop the boxes at least once daily, no matter how many you have. Even with a clumping litter the ammonia smell builds up and can irritate their eyes, especially in warmer weather. If you have less than one per cat, scoop twice a day. I have 10 boxes for 14 cats ( lining the wall in one small room and two in other rooms) and scoop all twice daily.
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          As has already been said, a trip to the vet should be your first action. Inappropriate urination is almost always due to some sort of urinary tract infection or crystal formation in the urine.

          These conditions are very painful for a cat, and in a male can become fatal, as a male can block suddenly. Once blocked a male will die in 24 hours without emergency medical treatment.

          On the other hand I agree that you need more than one litter box, and they need to be kept clean. With three cats you should be scooping boxes three times a day, at least twice. Cats do not like dirty litter boxes, and as has been said, sometimes prefer to use one box for pee and one for poop.

          Welcome to pet lovers, and please, keep us posted on your cat.


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            Thanks for the welcome.

            I have four boxes for the four of them. He's been doing this for as long as he's been inside, which would be a few months to almost a year I believe. I'll mention it to my mother whom takes care of the vet visits but I'm sure the vet would have noticed something since he started right after we got him fixed and brought in.


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              The only way a vet would know to check for a UTI is if you told the vet there was a problem. A urinalysis would be done to check for bacteria and crystals. Usually if the vet suspects crystals a sample is sent to a laboratory to determine what type of crystals.

              Hurray for you for getting him neutered and giving him a home. Perhaps he is having trouble adjusting to having to share bathroom quarters.

              You might try adding a fifth box, somewhere away from the others (if they are all in one place) for him.

              And keep those boxes spotless! Scoop several times a day, and dump and scrub once a week. Many cats really detest using a box that has anything else at all in it.

              But stress can cause urinary tract problems. And being brought inside to live with other cats (though it is the best thing for him) can cause stress.


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                Thanks. I'll keep up with the boxes a lot more, I'll talk to the vet, and I'll look into a fifth box. If he stops or continues to do this despite these things, I'll let you know.


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                  In conjunction with what's already been said...where are these litterboxes? Are they in the same room...all 4 of them? Are they out in an open room with no 'privacy'? Where are they at in relation to the cat's food and water?


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                    They are all next to each other in a corner in a back storage room where no one goes to, except to clean them of course. The food and water dishes are in the next room in their own area, although my mom has mentioned wanting to put them back there somewhere.


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             not put the food and water with the litter pans, and it's best to scatter the litter pans around your house. I advise the vet visit, but I also advise dispersing the pans around your house. Some cats don't like to share the bathroom with people.


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                        There's been no change. My mom thinks there's no helping him and wants to put him outside which, to me, is not an option.


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                          Did you take him to the vet? What did they say?



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                            Is he sitting in the box and peeing over the side of it, or is he literally peeing on the hard floor away from the litter tray completely? Does he only do it in that room or will he go all over the house?

                            If he's just missing the box, try getting him one with higher sides, or one that has a roof. Like these:


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                              You could also try changing your type of litter. Your cat might prefer a different substance to pee in. What kind are you using at the moment? There are several varieties available to choose from. Wood based, clay based, paper based etc.
                              You could even try leaving a tray empty in his favourite spot of the floor to pee, seeing as he seems to like peeing on the flat.

                              Next time he leaves a pee puddle on the floor, try to scoop some of it up (Use a syringe if you have one, or a clean dustpan and a squeegee) and dribble some of it into a litter tray to get the scent of it in there. It may encourage him to pee in it. Or you could try keeping your eye on him to catch him in the act - as soon as he squats lift him and put him in the tray, like you would with a kitten.

                              I know it must be frustrating for you and your mom, but he's only a cat, he's not doing it to upset you. Try to have some patience. He'll learn eventually if you give him chance. Make sure there is no trace of pee left on the floor each time he goes, or the scent will just draw him back there again and again.