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Kitty paw pads changing color?

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  • Kitty paw pads changing color?

    My cat Bear is a black domestic short hair. He is completely black - fur, nose, and paw pads. He is 1 1/2 years old, indoor only.

    The other day I noticed on pad on his left back paw had a pink blotch. It did not appear that it hurt him when I touched it, and I thought maybe it was just scrapped. Today, another one is light pink and the large pad is also turning pink. His other paws are all fine. He is not declawed. He does bite his "toenails" as does our other cat Felix, but the pink areas do not look like injuries, just discoloration.

    Felix had burned his paw pads on the stovetop before, and it looked different than this, and Bear does not appear to be in any pain.

    I don't know if it's related, but over the past few days his appetite seems to be decreased. Bear is a cat who always acts like he hasn't been fed EVER and we have to feed the cats separately so Felix gets his fair share. Over the past few days Bear has seemed less enthusiastic about food, and does not rush over to Felix's bowl when he's done, he just sits there. He has also been very skittish for the past month.

    Anyway, is this something I should be concerned about? I know over time cat's noses often get dark spots, but I had never heard of a paw pad turning light, and he is so young! What should I do? Are the other things related, and should I take him to the vet?

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    I would at least call the vet and ask them. They may be able to give you an answer over the phone. Or at the very least be able to tell you whether they need to see him.
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      Lol I should have thought of that! I called and she said it was not unusual, and unless he seems to be in pain I shouldn't worry about it, so they'll just check it out next time he needs a checkup. She said his change in appetite is probably because he's growing up and getting used to the idea that he doesn't have to compete for the food. (He was in a house of like 10 kittens until I got him, so he did have to fight for food there)



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        That's good you talked to the vet.I guess I'm not suprised to hear that black paws can turn pink, since pink paws will soemtimes get black spots. how interesting!

        And probably your vet is right about his appetite tapering off, but watch him closely and make sure it's just tapering and he doesn't start losing weight, or not eat at all, or vomiting. Keep an eye on his litter box habits too and make sure he's pooping okay. sometimes a cat's appetite will go off if he's constipated.