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My cat is urinating on the bed

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  • My cat is urinating on the bed

    How do help my 3 yr. old female adjust to a new home? I recently moved in with my partner and at the same time I needed to put my dog to sleep. The cat was used to sleeping on my bed and can no longer sleep with me due to my partners allergies. She never had a behavior problem before. Please help.

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    That is a lot of changes, fast. Kicking the cat out of the only bed it has known and replacing it with a human will result in lots of interesting behaviors. I suggest changing the bedding daily, putting a portable HEPA filter in the bedroom, putting partner on Claritin and giving the cat back its bed.


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      My cat is urinating on the bed.

      I would definitley say the recent changes have caused this bizarre behaviour, The sooner you can get back to the old routine the better, I have a cat that is doing the same. I have a single bed, recently I took a job that takes me away from home Monday-Friday. She started peeing on the bed. I now have a large piece of cardboard, from a bookcase package. I pull it down across the bed, covers and all. She sleeps on the cardboard and is back to the litter box. I think she is telling me she does not like me being gone at night.