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How do cats deal with elizabethan collar?

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  • How do cats deal with elizabethan collar?

    I have several cats and the matriarch (tiny but mean) has sometimes gone after a relative newcomer (only here 1 1/2 year). I suspect that is how she got a wound on the side of her face behind her whiskers about the size of a dime. I have a wound cleaner to wipe it daily. It was getting better but as someone recovering from knee surgery healing wounds itches. It was well scabbed over and receding but was ripped open again. Thinking she was mixing it up at night I secluded her in room with her most agreeable daughter and left her out during the day. I was horrified the next day to see her scratching at the area. OH OWee... I am sure it would heal if I could keep her from scratching it. My dog had surgery last year and she had to wear one to protect stitches. Will a cat accept a cat elizabethan collar? (forgive if I mispelled it). I have seen them at Petco. She is eating well and drinking. If I thought she was ill or was infected I would take her to the vet please believe me. If you have had to use one on your cat I would really like to know how they responded and if they ever loved you again and how long it took. lol


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    Cats will wear them, although generally they will tear apart whatever room you put it on them in first, and then they will sulk and give you dirty looks for days and days and days after.

    It can be done, but it is at your own risk! lol


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      I used one on my Gypsy after she was spayed. Wouldn't you know, she was one of the minority who fussed with her stitches. So I had her in a tiny e-collar for about 5 days. I gave her breaks from it when I could be in the room to watch her, and at mealtimes. She preferred to drink out of the big dog bowl, and didn't seem to have a problem doing that at will with the collar on. She was actually very docile about it. Unhappy, to be sure, but she tolerated it pretty well.

      I'd just be sure to get a CLEAR collar, as that really seemed to help her stay oriented. After a day or two, she was able to jump the double dutch door like she didn't even have it on. She was a trooper!
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        I would recommend it. It would only be for a little while. She might be a little mad at you for a little bit, but they adjust and seem so much more appreciative of you when you take it off

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          I would say that you need to try it whether she likes it or not if that is the only way she will heal. Infection could be a tough call too and would warrant this collar 100% Good luck!
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