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Help, my cat is freaking out for no reason

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  • Help, my cat is freaking out for no reason

    I've had two one year old kittens (brothers, indoor only) for 4 months now and one of them has always been very sweet and lovey. Loves to have his belly rubbed and gets picked up all the time. All of a sudden yesterday he started to freak out and jump 2 feet in the air for no apparent reason. Seems to only happen when he's being touched but not in any specific place and not all the time. One time I was rubbing his belly and he was rolling on his back acting like he really liked it then suddenly jumped up and ran under the table. When I called him he started to come back but then stopped and stared at me when he got closer. The strange thing is that it's so random and almost like he's seeing things that are freaking him out because he just stares and the hair on his back goes up. They've had health problems since I got them. FIV negative but possibly have herpes or over active immune systems (thats what one vet said). Symptoms between the two of them have been eye problems, gum problems, ulcers on paw pads (he just got a cortizone shot for that 2 weeks ago), and fevers. I'm so upset because I love my cuddly cat and now he hates me for no reason.

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    I don't think he hates you but something seems to be bothering him. Cats are really hard for me to figure out but I'm sure someone may have some answers. I would say to have him checked at the vet but I think you already have.


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      I agree with Marg that your cat doesn't hate you. I'd call the vet and see if he can tell you the problem over the phone. It just may be something related to one of the health problems.

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        If and when any health concerns are out of the way the thing I tend to do is trial and Abou the only thing I can think of off the top of my head would be is you have capeting and maybe when you are petting him maybe there is a little static electric shock?

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          No carpet all wood floors, but he does act like he's being shocked, although even though he did it like 10 times yesterday he hasn't done it at all today. Maybe he was posessed.


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            Cats are very sensitive and sometimes they get overstimulated from being petted. It happens to me sometimes that when I pet my cat on my lab and he's totally content that all of a sudden he jumps up and runs away, then he stopps and looks starteled and starts licking himself to calm down. he simply forgot that he was on my lab and dozed off and then was startled by me.
            I think your cat might be just very sensitive as he he nutered?

            Secondly, male cats in general don't like to have their belly touched....that's my experiment...even thought hey show the belly to signalize trust...don't touch it!

            Hope that helped. Best!


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              One thought... have you gotten new toys lately? Catnip can make cats act very strange, like any drug can. I've heard that young kittens aren't affected, its only when they reach a certain maturity or something like that.
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                No new toys and yes he's neutered. today is the second day that he hasn't had a freak out. We remembered that in the morning him and his brother where wrestling and playing chase when came running around the corner and was startled by my boyfriend who was coming out of the room so I guess he just stayed spooked all day long.


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                  I wouldn't worry about it too much.

                  My female cat shadow get spooked sometimes. But she doesn't stay that way for more than a day or two. He will be himself soon. Good luck


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                    freaked out kitty

                    Hi, I'm new to the forum and hope you can help,
                    I have a new kitty for 2 months now and he freaked out today, just like what was posted here, I see it's been a couple of years since this post and was wondering how the kitty is doing. did you find out what was wrong with her,,
                    my kitty has freaked out 3 times today,, never before has this happened,,, he jumps back hits the wall and runs hits another wall and takes off..
                    the next time I was just petting his head and he jumped back and ran off down the hall and hit a wall,,
                    the 3rd time,, only 10 mins apart, he was in the livingroom looking around like something was there waiting to get him, and he was scared to death,, I went to reach for him and he almost jumped into the fireplace,, I don't want to go near him now,, Now I'm the one freaking out,,
                    he did take some treats from me since the last freak out but I dare not try to pick him up,,
                    any suggestions?,,, he also been treated for upper respitory for about a month now,, can't seem to shake it,



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                      i would definitely suggest you get your kitty to a vet. Running into walls is not common in kitty freak outs. I mean, i had a cat who would have spurts of energy, but NEVER ran into a wall. The running into walls means that she likely has no control over what is happening.. Meaning that there could be some sort of neurological issues causing this. There has actually been a lot of talk about siezures and people who are experienced in this have said that seizures do show themselves as "freakouts" more than the typical "TV" seizure that we are used to seeing. Seizures CAN be shaking and tremors, but in cats, they can also be exactly what you described.

                      He also could have Lyme;s disease which could explain the URI as well.

                      i would definitely take him to the vet. Chorinic URIs can mean MANY things. My cat who had the chronic URI issue was diagnosed with bartonella.. but it could be many things.
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                        Well no more episodes since Tues, the vet couldn't find anything that would explain this, Dio just had another booster a week ago and he's thinking it might have caused this, seeing he got sick again shortly after the shot,,
                        if it happens again, I'm to bring him in at once..
                        I'm keeping my fingers crossed it was a one time thing,


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                          How old is Dio? Do you know anything aobut his history? idiopathic seizure disorder in cats usually starts when they are about 3 years old.

                          Hopefully it was just a fluke, but if you see any more episodes you might want to get them on video to show your vet.

                          My cat who has "fly chasing" seizures has been on phenobarbital for over 6 years now,and the episodes are controlled.

                          He would run around like crazy, clearly uncontrollable, look like he was chasing a bug, but it was unable to be interupted, he would also continuously shake his head, bite the floor and bite his flank. Terrifying.

                          Welcome to petlovers, by the way. Tell us more about your Dio!


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                            He's 5 months old,, and a sweetie pie,,
                            they didn't disclose anything,, said he was healthy,,
                            all her kittyies had the sniffles, but I thought a little antibiotic and TLC would take care of it,, he wasn't cheap, so I'm a little ticked..


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                              Two days ago, my cat started acting weird...

                              She would always go to my bedroom and lay down with me. Ever since these two days she will sit by my door. I've opened the door to see if she wants in and she will slowly walk in and slowly back out. While she walks in slowly, she just stares under the bed like something is there. We've lifted the bed to make sure there wasn't like a snake under there but there was nothing.. I'm getting a little scared that there might be something. What should I do?