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Does where cats sleep in my bed mean anything?

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  • Does where cats sleep in my bed mean anything?

    Hi again,

    So I am new here (I also posted another thread 'Will she ever relax?') this question is of course about the same 2 kitties. 10 month old brother and sister. Their names are TaberBear (boy) and MonkeyBear (girl).

    So this is my question. Does the sleeping arrangements of the kitties in my bed have any significance? Both of my kittens sleep in the bed with me most nights. Taber, the chill, much more relaxed, more aggresive cat always sleeps by my feet. Monkeybear, the skitzo, sweet, but easily frightened kitty, always sleeps by my head.

    As a very small kitten Monkeybear would literally sleep ON my head. I used to joke that I slept with a 'cat hat'. She also tries to eat my hair (preen me I guess) sticks her nose into my eye or ear, and just always tries to sleep touching my skin or hair. I used to let her her sleep on my head because I thought it was so sweet and now I have a hell of a time trying to dissuade her from this habit (as its not easy to sleep with a 11 lb kitten on your head, and I also dont want to wake up with a bald patch from where she ate my hair during the night). So I gently push her closer towards my feet and the nightly routine begins of me putting her lower down and her repeated attempts to get back on my head. Lately she seems content to sleep next to my head, but she still tries to climb on.

    So anyway, it facinates me that one always took to sleeping at my feet and the other one near my head. Is there any thing that determines this arrangement? I assume the 'pecking order' would play a part, but maybe not, since they are siblings and were also 9 weeks old when I took them home?

    Another note, which may be more insight (or not) when my boyfriend sleeps over, Taber will still sleep at our feet, but Monkeybear will sleep under the bed, until the middle of the night when she decides to come up and then tries to get on either of our heads! But again, she is a scaredy cat!

    I'd love to hear any information about this (been unsucessfully googling it) and would love to hear other cat sleep stories! Thanks so much!!

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    seeing as how cats are not pack animals like dogs, I am not sure if you will find any significant inform on their sleeping arrangements. I would guess that it is just a personal preference, for a quick getaway or for cuddling or even warmth. Good luck with the search


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      Shelby wants to sleep by my face all the time, but I don't let her. (Getting at the age where I'll be having kids in a few years, don't want her thinking its okay to sleep by baby's face or anything). Clairee sleeps ON me. She will sit on my stomach/pelvis area if I'm laying on my back, on the crook of my back if I'm laying on my stomach, and within the crrok of my legs or over my knees if I'm laying on either side. Love her to death, but its kinda annoying when i can't move when i want to.
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        My mellow fellow (dog) Oscar always sleeps at my feet and when my anxiety ridden (dog) Noel was a puppy, she used to sleep on my pillow above my head too. I wonder if it is significant, where they sleep. Interesting question.

        I can tell you that Oscar is more of a guardian, so he can watch the door from his position, whereas Noel is a scaredy-dog and maybe just wanted to cower. She pretty much always sleep between my knees now.

        My cat Earl would sleep laying across my fiance's face if he would let him. All night long Earl "bunts" him (rubs his face against my fiance's) and does the soft "digging" thing on both of us with his feet. He tries to sleep on his chest and after getting kicked off the bed about 40 times, he settles for anywhere next to me.


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          my tigger sleeps at daniel and my feet or if I am on my side in the crook where my knees are bent but little bit tends to sleep inbetween us, even using the pillow to lay his head like us humans do. I use to joke we should call him birth control because he always keeps us from being beside each other , if he doesn't sleep there he likes to get on top of daniels pillow almost on top of his head. Now little bit is about 3 months old, give a week or two. I use to think it was because we (humans) lose heat from our heads and since Daniel keeps his hair so short ( almost shaved) he was putting out more heat. I had a kitty that loved to sleep in my hair but i figured it was because it was soft?! Althought he neer chewed on it. I hope this helped.


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            my litttle bit also "head butts" us in the middle of the night and purrs so loud he wakes us. I figure he is just trying to give us extra lovings, Althought at 4:30 this morning I was ready to kill him! He wouldn't stop!!!


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              I think they all have their own little personalities that somewhat determine where they sleep, just like humans do, like what position we sleep in - back or side, pillows or not. I do believe that cats that sleep by or on your head goes back to the Momma kitty. I believe they relate our hair to the memory of the Momma kitty. That may make them feel more secure. Did you know that when a cat "kneeds" on you or someplace where they are going to lay- you know it's like they are trying to fluff up where they are going to lay. They do this on the Momma kitty when they nurse to help get more milk, so this behavior also goes back to their memory of Momma kitty.


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                ya know this is awful but the other night I had just gotten out of the shower and was layin in bed w/o my pj's b/c my fav pj were almost done in the dryer and my little bit laid down beside me and started to kneed my at my breast. I just looked at him and said... "oh no you don't! you won't be getting anything out of that!!!! He just looked at me like "damn you can't blame me for trying!!!" and I swaer he had this grin on his face!!! :P I hope this isn' t too x rated for this site


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                  I had a cat when I was a teenager that would lay at my head. One morning I did wake up to a big chunk of hair laying on my pillow. I am sure that she chewed it off so I would watch it. You might end up with a bald spot!
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                    ha ha ha feelingfrogy - I had that happen too with a kitten and he actually bit me there! I had no idea he was going to try to attempt that!

                    when kittens kneed under the mom's belly, they are scenting the teet - kittens can't see for about 10 days so they smell the teet they feed from and each one will feed from the same place each day


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                      I know about the kneading thing, I'm sure it's because I would wake up to feed him every 2-3 hours when he was little (and he does go for my shoulder or breast area) and I usually leave a little food out for him, but sometimes the dogs snarf it up. He just bugs my fiance all night long. I wake up because his purring is sooooo loud, its funny though!


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                        I guess it depends on the personality and preference. If your cat is lovable, chances are it will cozy up next to you. If the cat is a loner, it may sleep at the end. OR,,,, my cat loves to snuggle up against something, so it could be the way they feel comfy.


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                          Of the 5 in my cat family only 4 sleep on the bed with me. Holly prefers the couch. I have found it is kind of funny that they have each staked out thier own territory. Shadow sleeps on my knees, Dianna snuggles under my chin, Chester is at the foot of the bed. And Annie guards my husbands pillow. My DH is a long haul trucker and not home often, when he is Annie sleeps under the covers snuggled under his chin. When he isn't here she makes sure that none of the other kittys touch his pillow. It is really funny. I think they just pick the place that is most confortable.
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                            All 5 of these guys sleep in our bed mostly at our feet thro out the night. except for Little Tiny she sleeps in my arm pit. (our only female) till 5:00am...

                            As 5:00am comes around. OH My watch out then.. LOL They all try there darnest to wake us up. Even on the weekends!. Frist it is our Sparkie he is our oldest. He will be 3 years old in August. He starts with my husband frist to get him awake. Then with me. With the kneeding his chest & smelling his ears ect.. Then the 4 kittens will start in.. They will be 1 year old in April I guess we play possum with them in that repect. Yes we do get up at 5:??am There cute just the same!

                            I guess all in all it is what the cat( Kitten) has gotten used to sleeping his/ her habits. I know a friends of mines mom could not take the fact that her cat was sleeping in her bed that she put a smaller bed in the room just for the cat to sleep in. ( A cat bed) Yes she had problems at frist to get her cat to sleep in there instead of with her. I believe it is all up to you as to where you want your cat to sleep at night.
                            Either that or you can close the bedroom door at night. It is all up to you.
                            Good Luck!!
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                              If your cat sleeps in your bed with you it just means that it likes the way you treat it. My cats always sleep with me and soem other peopel in my familiy.