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Breathing crises

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  • Breathing crises

    Hi. My cat has been having breathing issues, similar to asthma or eliminating a hairball, but are quite short. Maybe no more than 5-10 seconds. But enough to worry me. I ve taken him to two vets, he did x ray, faeces test, blood works...nothing seems to be off but he keeps having these short crises quite often(1-2 times a week) ever since January. Second doctor said he noticed dry faeces in his intestine and that he is constipated. And his crises may be due to irritation. I gave him laxavet...he seems to still get them, maybe they feel shorter now..but still there. After laxavet he s coming out harder, once in 2 days. Otherwise, he s in good spirits, eats well, drinks water, plays etc. What is your opinion?