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Don't know what I'm supposed to do...

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  • Don't know what I'm supposed to do...

    I have a 9yo Siamese cat named Orion.

    I have a tall bed, And Both my cats have always had no problem jumping up~Until about ago, When for about 1 week Orion started hit at his torso and clawing the rest of the way up.
    I thought he was just acting up until one morning I noticed his thigh was bulging... and he was slightly limping.
    I took him to the vet the next day, Where the nurse tried getting him out of his cage while pulling on his rear legs! I immediately stopped her and took over. Then the vet hardly looked him over and just said he needed x-rays and left.
    Nurse comes back with financial papers, Asking to proceed (I did) then took him away to do X-Rays.
    Nurse comes back showing me x-rays on her computer, possible growth in his side and saying they would have to do needle/lab tests. Providing no other information.
    Nurse comes back with massive financial sign-off on testing which I could not afford... Especially on top of the already expensive visit. My visit was then over...
    I left feeling sick, and ripped off.

    I was able to get a copy of his X-Rays, Which I had to request and pay an extra $10 for.
    They gave me a "Fancy" CD-Rom with Orions X-Rays on it, To only be viewed on a computer.

    After talking with Friends and Family, And looking over the X-Rays~We decided to just keep a close eye on him and pray for him to get well at home.
    It's been about a month since his vet visit, And I feel he is losing weight and almost always sleeping/lying down + His limp is getting worse. It's painful for just me seeing him walk so badly.

    He does not seem to have any pain from the hip area, And has never shown any since it started besides limping.

    His brother is starting to act upset, And I'm entirely at a loss as to what to do anymore... I cant even find any answers online.

    I'll post up X-Rays as soon as I can.

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    Is there another vet you could get a 2nd opinion from? You have already had x-rays done so they should be able to review those which would save some cost. Maybe ask about financing/care credit etc. If he is losing weight and definately not acting himself he probably needs medical attention. From what I understand, by the time a cat starts to show discomfort they are already pretty bad off--cats are masters of hiding their discomfort. Sorry I don't have any better advice.


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      There are other vets, But all have bad reviews. Sadly the one I went to was the better reviewed one.

      He limped out from under the desk he has been resting under with his brother following him and sniffing him weirdly.
      I picked him up and didnt get much fight, As he never liked being held...
      His right back foot feels kind of cold, He moves it a bit, But it almost seems like he has lost some feeling in it?
      He has no strength in it, And walks without seemingly using it...
      This is worrying me beyond belief.


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        Here are his X-Rays:

        Circled is the only area the Vet pointed out, But didnt know what it was and needed very expensive testing:
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          I'm sorry you are going through this with your beloved kitty. I really do not like the way you and your cat were treated at that vet.

          My advice is to get a second opinion. I don't know how to read x rays. If his foot is cold, that means poor circulation. He could have cancer. He may be in pain. didn't the vet even offer any pain medication?

          Never mind the on line reviews. Get a second opinion.


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            I'll look into another vet, I don't have high hopes though~Especially after the last visit...
            They kept asking me if I thought he needed an injection~I kept saying do you think he does? And they just kept throwing it back at me, At the time I just decided it wasnt necessary, As he didn't seem to be in any pain. And the nurse didnt seem to care one way or another...
            I did ask what I could give him if he does start to show pain and the nurse just said use an anti-inflamatory.
            I havent used anything, As I read most OTC's are deadly to cats.

            After obsessively searching stuff online, I'm thinking it's a possibility he might have Nueropathy. Or it just might be a hereditary condition. I really don't know though~The bulge in his X-Ray looks like it might be his muscle?

            He's been making his rounds in the house, He goes up and down the stairs at least once a day and has been visiting me on my bed nightly (I have steps for him). He purrs and snuggles beside me~I did note some rumbling in his purrs (Breathing?).
            He just isnt peppy though, He could care less about laser pointers (He used to like) and he kinda swats at his favorite toy which he used to do crazy jumping tricks with.
            He also lets me pick him up and hold him, Which he has never really liked, He's always been a free spirit.

            This is breaking my heart...


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              I work at a vet and thats insane how you were treated. Basically like they didn't have the time of day for you and your poor cat has to suffer in the mean time.

              I second going to another vet agree take the xrays with you as that will save you some money. Let them know what happend at the other vet they may be willing to cut you a little break.

              Good luck


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                Thanks everyone.
                I've been further researching what could be wrong with him, And I've basically come to the conclusion that is Saddle Thrombus...
                He is showing all the signs, Except he seems to be hiding his pain extremely well.

                I can't believe this is happening to my boy...


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                  Its highly unlikely your by has this. Cats are usually good at hiding pain but I've seen cats with this its its beyond painful. They also show signs of distress most have a hard time breathing.

                  Many diseases have some of the same symptoms so before you worry yourself sick go to another vet and get a second opinion. I know now your prob afraid since you got treated so badly at the last vet(don't blame you) but not all vets are bad.

                  Actually Metro (the link you gave us) is a very good hospital tho exspensive since it is a specialty hospital. I hope this isn't where you went and recieved that kind of treatment. Very unlike them.

                  I hope you find what is wrong with kitty.


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                    Your cat is obviously not well. You are obviously worried. Find another vet. Any vet. Get a 2nd opinion. Or even a 3rd opinion if you have to. If this were not your cat, but a human child and you knew he/she was not feeling well and in pain you would take it to the doctor. If you didn't like what you heard or were treated poorly, you would find another doctor. Most people would not let there human child continue to be sick just because of a bad experience with one physician. Hope you find help for your cat soon.


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                      I've got Good News and Terrible News...

                      The good is that the 2nd Vet I went to was fantastic all around and very caring.
                      The bad is, Orion has Cancer.


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                        I'm so sorry

                        What did the vet say your options are. 9 is so young for a cat. Poor kitty. I'm glad you found a vet that was caring and found the cause of your kittys problem.


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                          Aw, no. I'm so sorry. What kind of cancer? Not all are the same and some are treatable.

                          I hope you will stick around. We can offer support and understanding, a sounding board, while you work out your options even, if nothing else.


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                            They weighed him at just under 8lbs, He was 11lbs first visit.
                            They gave him Subcutaneous fluids (A "Camel hump") and he is on Buprenex by mouth 2-3x Day & Mirtazapine if he doesn't eat (He has been).
                            Option was to amputate the leg/growth and even then we would only possibly be buying him more time.
                            She actually wrote on his papers "Prognosis is Unfavorable".

                            I'm so exhausted emotionally. Thanks for the kind words.

                            And for those of you in Washington State; I'd advise to avoid "Helping Hands Vet Clinic" and Go straight to "VCA Lynnwood Veterinary Center"
                            Dr. Carolyn Morrill was a blessing.


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                              Orion did ok on meds for awhile, But took a turn for the worse...
                              He went in for a "Quality of Life check" And was deemed critical, Euthanasia soon followed.
                              I'm someone who has always been able to hide My emotions well, But I had tears in my eyes, Dripping on his body as my boy took his last breath on this planet...