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How fast does Frontline Plus work?

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  • How fast does Frontline Plus work?

    I have two cats, one female who is 2.5ish years old and one male kitten who is about 9 weeks old. Our environment is flea-free, as the female has never had fleas and is both an outdoor and indoor cat.

    Unfortunately, the male kitten has fleas. I am about to start a Frontline Plus treatment on it. So far we have kept the cats separated to prevent fleas from jumping to the female (the male has been kept in a rather large master bathroom). My question is, how soon after the first Frontline Plus treatment can I let the kitten out to the rest of the house? I want to avoid a chance at spreading fleas, but it's also a bit of a hassle to make sure the kitten stays isolated.

    Thanks for the help.

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    It will kill adult fleas in 24-48 hours. If you are going to get rid of fleas, you need to treat EVERYONE for at least 3-4 months. That means frontline once every 30 days.

    Fleas lay their eggs in the carpet, so it doesn't matter if your cats come in direct contact with one another. If their are fleas on your cat, they are in your carpets and you MUST treat everyone for 3-4 months. Also vacuum often and throw away bags immediately so the fleas don't crawl back out.



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      Is Frontline relatively safe?

      I just posted about this in a different area... but here is probably more appropriate. I used to use Revolution but was thinking of using Frontline for my kitties now... plus there is a pretty good deal on Frontline available now (not to mention the fleas and ticks are having a party in my space at my expense!).

      Anyone have anything bad to say about its ingredients or horror stories or alternatives to getting rid of fleas and ticks on cats?
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        Frontline is a safe product, but buy it at your vet because, as far as I know it has not yet gone OTC, which means buying it anywhere else you take a chance on it not being the real thing.

        You want Frontline PLUS, as that, like Revolution, breaks the life cycle of the flea by killing all stages.


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          I would really like another method of dealing with Fleas. I am so tired of putting poisons on my loved ones! I can't imagine someone who was taking care of me thinking that was okay to do to me!
          What is the alternative to frontline or revolution... bathing a cat twice a week while combing them with a flea comb? sprinkling diatomaceous earth on everything? I really wish a pesticide flea treatment was my only true options.
          Baby (betta), Chug (coming soon! Chuggie-Bug the Dog Blog... testing natural dog food for flavor one bag at a time!), Star (sugie), Cornelia (kitty queen)


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            Revolution is FAR better than Frontline. Revolution does fleas, ear mites, heartworms, and intestinal worms. Frontline is just for fleas...and they cost the same. Stick with Revolution, it's does more for your cat.