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Fancy Feast vs Pro Plan cat food

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    No..Those were full blown seizures.


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      You cat can't possibly have epilepsy, she is far too old.

      And basically what the article is saying is that the poor diet just adds onto a problem that is already there. ...this means, that the chemical didn't cause seizures, it just 'helped' bring them on.

      Although drugs are very effective, in most cases, they do not cure. They don't eliminate the cause of the symptom. To get at the cause of the problem, you need to look at the whole picture --what is causing the seizures? Once the cause is found, a PREVENTION PLAN can be initiated.


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        Originally posted by marti View Post
        No..Those were full blown seizures.
        I quoted what the website said dear, it wasn't any sort of arguement towards you.


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          Also one other point I would like to make. My cat grew up on fancy feast, it was when she got older this problem occurred. Around 19 yrs old. Her favorite flavor of fancy feast is turkey and giblets. I still give her that because it doesnt contain sodium nitrites. Some of the flavors dont have it, you have to read the labels. So it would seem to me the other chemicals in fancy feast dont affect her, just the sodium nitrite!


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            The more I read and research, it really seems to be associated with epilepsy, which I know your cat doesn't have.

            The SN is the last ingredient on the ingredient list of Fancy Feast cat food, so the amount of SN in the food is very, very little. It would seem that in order for that small amount of SN to cause seizures, would have to be adding to something already there. Such as, an old brain.

            Put it in this many of us eat Sodium Nitrates...? ALL of us. The most common place is in packaged meat. Now, how many of us seizure because of packaged meat? Hardly any.

            My point is, there is not enough SN in the food to be the ONLY cause for these seizures. However, doing away with it has helped, but I'll wager it's not the 'cure'.


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              Adults dont have seizures because of sodium nitrites. Elderly animals do. We dont know how much sodium nitrite is in the cat food. Sometimes it is listed in the beginning of the ingredients. We all know that sodium nitrites are cancer causing agents in people. You really need to read up on this if you are interested. I was lucky enough to find a cure for my cat because of this information on the internet. You can dispute it all you want, but it worked.
              I tell this to everybody who has pets. My hair dresser told me her elderly dog Petey who was 14 ate a hot dog which fell off the grill once, and had a seizure 2 days later. I told her there are sodium nitrites in hot dogs. That dog has passed away now, but I find that extremely interesting.
              You really need to read up on sodium nitrites. It's very interesting and disturbing. I never knew any of this until 3 months ago. All I can do is share my story, and hope it helps someone else


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                I've been reading up on it, you would know that if you'd read my posts entirely... and...hence why I am still talking to you. (And yes, SN can attribute to seizing in humans. You should read up more on it, too.)

                You're not listening to anything I'm saying...not at all. You have it in your head and you aren't open to a better understanding. I'm done. I'm glad your cat is well for now, and that you were able to curb the seizures for the time being.

                Good luck.


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                  That's because nothing you are saying is accurate. Good luck to you!


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                    Originally posted by marti View Post
                    That's because nothing you are saying is accurate. Good luck to you!
                    It looks like you came here looking for an arguement and refuse to actually read anyones post.

                    Tiffers has said things that GO ALONG with your theory, the only difference being that she stated, and I also agreee based on the research I've read through, that the SN was not the CAUSE of your cats seizures, it contributed to something that was already there, leading to the seizures as a symptom.

                    everything tiffers has said is accurate, and she's also an educated professional.

                    good luck to you on your ignorant crusade, I hope you save the day or whatever your point actually was.


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                      "You can not argue with an individual harboring ignorance."



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                        Fancy Feast

                        Amazing to read this.

                        My cat Toasty is 17.5 years old. Her blood tests have been fine for a cat her age but she started to lose a little weight. To encourage her appetite, I started giving her Fancy Feast a few weeks ago. She loved it.

                        She started having bad seizures last Saturday, seven or eight a day. I took her to the vet and her white blood cell count was extremely high, 55. She was hospitalized, treated for infection with antibiotics. The vet also put her on phenyl barbital for the seizures.

                        After more blood tests, her white blood cell count is way down; the seizures continue the moment the phenyl barbital wears off.

                        The vet said there is a 50/50 chance the seizures were caused by the massive infection in her system. They may subside as the body recovers from the infection. Otherwise, she has probably got lesions on her brain.

                        Sorry for the long story, I am just sitting here, wondering if the Fancy Feast could be the cause. I had her on Friskies all these years, and she was quite happy. The timing of the food switch matches that of the start of the seizures.

                        It may be a coincidence and poor Toasty may still be in a bad way, but I am glad to have read this post; I'll switch her food immediately.

                        BTW, when I mentioned all this to the vet, she recommended switching the food because nitrates are on their list of dangerous toxins for cats.

                        Thanks for the info and good luck to you all with your felines!


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                          Glad to hear Toasty is hanging in there. Cute name btw Welcome!


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                            I am so glad my experience is helping people. Nitrites are very dangerous, like I keep saying ...for elderly pets. Please read your labels.


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                              You guys might want to check this out...check out the first paragraph


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                                Not to add more confusion to this discussion but just wanted to say that my Tessie who lived to be 22 ate Fancy Feast for years and up until she died. She never had any kind of seizure. Her demise was due to old cat kidney failure.