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Anyone heard of Silver Biotics?

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  • Anyone heard of Silver Biotics?

    I think this stuff is GREAT! One of my cats had a cut on his paw pad that got infected because I could smell it and he kept licking it and it wouldn't get better. I don't know how he got it because both cats are indoor only. I googled to try to find a solution and I ran across someone else having a similar problem and the person recommended Silver Biotics. Apparently this is good for people too if you are sick. Apparently Silver (no more than 10 ppm) is great for infection as silver is a natural anti-biotic. I got a bottle when I ordered my vitamins online and rubbed a little on his body so he would lick it off, the next day his foot completely didn't smell! I gave him a little once a day for a few days and his foot was completely better. I have taken some when I felt a cold coming on and never got a cold. So I think this stuff is good to keep in the cupboard. I got mine from You can read reviews of it on there if you want.

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    Thank you! May be worth checking into!
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      Thank you for this information. I visited their web site and was unable to really find much information.

      The product is engineered, meaning man made. I read the FAQ and there were three or four long paragraphs with lots of technical words to answer each question. I find that alone rather suspect. Gobbledygook.

      I am not saying it's a bad product, just stating my observations. I am suspicious and cynical and overly cautious with anything regarding my cats.

      I am glad this has helped your cat, but I caution everyone to please talk to your vet before using anything not prescribed or recommended by your vet on or in your pet.


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        Silver is an immune system booster... That's as simple as i can explain it. I don't know any effects of it being an anti-septic, personally for an anti-septic I'd use tea tree oil over anything else. However i do know that taking a silver supplement will boost the immune system which is why the OP likely saw improvement when he had a cold. When he rubbed it on the cat, it is likely that the solution is suspended in alcohol therefore that would act as a sterilizing agent and would help to keep the wound clean enough to heal itself.


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          Well. I've read tons of info about colloidal silver on the web. Based on what I've read, if you do take colloidal silver you want it to be 10 ppm and no more than that. There may be other good silver supplements out there but the only two that I would consider buying (based on info I've read) are either Sovereign Silver or Silver Biotics. I'm positive this has saved me a few trips to the vet. When Leo had a cut on his foot that was infected, I didn't put the silver biotics on his foot but rather just rubbed a little on his body so he would lick it off and ingest it. I realize there are a lot of "suspicions" and rightly so, just telling you my experience using it and it has never made my cat ill. I did read where a lady saved to cats from bobcat fever using it. True or not? I don't know but I tend to believe it based on the results I have experienced. My other cat shadow currently has a cut on the side of her mouth as if she's been chewing on something and got a paper cut perhaps, it's not infected at the moment but if it does I feel pretty good giving them this when the need arises. Of course if it didn't help I wouldn't hesitate calling the vet. We have a pretty cool thing where I live called the mobil vet waggon. He comes by your house and drives an RV with all the equipment to treat animals. I love the fact that I don't have to get them out and drive them to the vet. Leo can't stand being in one of those boxes.


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            Mobile vet practices have helped a lot of people, and I'm happy you have access to one.

            I'm glad you are happy with your effects of the Silver Biotics and it was thoughful of you to take the trouble to start a thread about it, as some readers may be interested and after talking to their pets' vets, try it.

            If anyone does, please do come back to this thread and let us know how it works for you and your pets.


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              I'll be asking my vet what he knows about this stuff, today. thanks for telling the board about it.