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Tresaderm (Ear Drops) for Cats

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  • Tresaderm (Ear Drops) for Cats

    Hi--My cat was prescribed Tresaderm ear drops for 7 days to clear up inflammation. Today will be the last dosage. Ever since we started treatment, she has been eating and begging a lot more for food. She eats all her food in one sitting whereas she used to eat a little at a time. And she gets hungrier more often. Has anyone else encountered something similar? Is this a side effect of the medication? Thanks.

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    Tresaderm is a familiar bottle in my fridge as I have a couple cats who tend to ear problems. I've never noticed any thing such as you describe with either cat, though you never can tell aobut side affects, can you?

    Be sure to keep an eye on her now. If the increased appetite continues now that the medicine is finished, something else might be going on and the timing could be coincidence. How old is your kitty? Sudden increased appetite can indicate hyperthyroid problems. Has she had bloodwork lately?


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      Maggie just turned 5. The vet didn't take her blood last week. She's now eating/begging for twice as much as her usual portions. I will pay close attention for the next few wks. Thanks for your response.


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        Tresaderm contains dexamethasone, which is a steroid. Many times the use of a steroid leads to an increase in appetite.


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          Originally posted by Evey
          Tresaderm contains dexamethasone, which is a steroid. Many times the use of a steroid leads to an increase in appetite.
          That is useful information to know, thanks for sharing it. I'll have to keep a closer eye, the next time one of mine is on the tresaderm. Some cats may be more sensitive to steroids than others.

          So now hopefully OPs cat's appetite will go back to normal.


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            Thanks so much for the info. I tried finding info on the internet, but nothing mentioned increased appetite. Today is Maggie's 1st day off the eardrops, but her appetite is still going strong. I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks all!


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              I dont think its the effect of the drug/medicine... but as long as your pet is not obese, the increase appetite is ok.
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                I've never heard of a cat having increased appetite, due to the use of Tresaderm. Yes, it does contain dexamethasone, but only a small amount. Unless your cat is hypersensitive to the dex, it shouldn't be a problem.

                Has she also been drinking and urinating more? Is her behavior normal? It is possible that this may be unrelated to the Tresaderm.

                Do not feed her appetite, or you'll end up with a chunky kitty. If her appetite does not return to normal, consult your vet as to possible causes.


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                  I also, have not heard of it causing any issues like that. And goodness knows, we prescribe a lot of it.

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                    Comments on Tresaderm in cats

                    Hi, I was looking for info on Tresaderm side effects in cats because I noticed a marked increase in her appetite immediately after giving her the drops. I addressed it with my vet, who did not think it was due to the medication but I am not so sure. I found this list of side effects online under the "More Info" tab:



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                      hungry kitty on Tresaderm

                      OMG, I am so happy someone else has had this side effect. I thought I was crazy to think it was the medicine. The problem I had was after the 7th day when he was finished the dosage, he seemed extra lethargic, vet said to continue the meds for a few more days, and as soon as I did, the appetite came back.


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                        I'm glad I found this thread.

                        I did notice a real increase in her appetite, she eats everything right away when she would usually take more time. she has being begging for food a lot and also been drinking way more.

                        I gave her the last drops last night, I hope everything is going to go back to normal soon.

                        she's been waking me up in the middle of night I think begging for food. she usually sleep all night long in my bedroom with no interruption.

                        I can't believe the vet did not mention increase of appetite and thirst as possible side effects!


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                          Hello and welcome to pet lovers! When I first posted in this thread more than 5 yeas ago, I stated that I had not seen that particular side effect from tresaderm.

                          However my answer is much different now.

                          I have indeed noticed an increased appetite, especially the past two times my cat was on this medicine.

                          She just had a deep ear clean out under anesthesia, then another course of the drops, 10 days. I am hoping now that she is done, especially after the ear clean out, she won't need the drops again.

                          But yes, she's been begging for food the whole time she was on the drops, and she never begs for food.

                          Vets don't mention it because they don't know. Most people don't pay that close attention to their cat's appetite I think and even those that do may not think to mention it to their vet. I did mention it to my vet a couple of years ago and she was interested, but she probably doesn't tell people to watch for it.


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                              I just started giving my cat Tresaderm yesterday because she was having itchy ears. She kept flicking them and shaking her head. The vet couldn't really find anything, such as ear mites or a yeast or bacterial infection, so she said it could be some kind of allergy. Does anyone know if Tresaderm can initally cause some additional itchiness before it really kicks in? She's still flicking her ears, but then again that could be because it hasn't quite started working yet and also because her ears still feel a little irritated. I thought I read somewhere that it can cause some initial itchiness before it starts working, kind of like human medicines like Monostat where the box indicates there can be some increased itchiness before the medicine starts fully working.

                              Thanks for any info that anyone can provide.