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Low Cost or Free neutering for cats

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    Originally posted by wouldrichest View Post
    I think it's cruel to do that to animals and make it so they cannot have babies. I think they should all have one litter at least before getting that procedure done, hehe.
    I used to think the same thing and ended up with my dog suffering and almost dying from a pyometra. This was because I had only just started to realize the problem out there and put off the decision of allowing the litter until she was really too old and she developed this life threatening issue.

    We now have the most gorgeous kitten, gorgeous both inside and out. What a temptation to allow her just that one litter. However, being responsible we had her spayed this past Monday.

    This was done because she was a rescue kitten and we got her through a rescue. She and others like her may have ended up euthanized due to the over population of dogs/puppies and cats/kittens. Yes, I would like the experience of just one litter but not to the detriment of so many lives lost.

    It is people like yourself who are causing the overpopulation problem that is causing many poor babies to be euthanized every day. Many could be saved if folks like you didn't allow just one litter and take the homes these homeless kittens could have had away because someone took a kitten from your litter instead of adopting.

    We educate here on PL, so don't take my post as harsh or too personal. You see your post allowed me to not only rebut your post, but to educate you and others who may read this thread someday.

    Please anyone reading this thread, just consider the lives you save by not having that "just one litter".
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      Originally posted by wouldrichest View Post
      I think it's cruel to do that to animals and make it so they cannot have babies. I think they should all have one litter at least before getting that procedure done, hehe.
      Hehe indeed. FYI, it is incredibly, excruciatingly painful for a queen to be caught by a tom. It is agony for them.

      Then there's the risk of complications during the birth.

      Then there are the kittens to consider. Where are they supposed to go? Is the owner of the cat supposed to keep all six of them? And then the thirty six that they'll produce, with their one litter each? And the two hundred and sixteen that they'll all have with their one litter each? No, of course they won't, they'll send them off on their merry way, to end up wherever they end up. Some in a loving home but many unwanted or being put to sleep in shelter, dead on the road, loose on the streets, starving, abused, living feral, or a wide variety of other miserable fates.

      Best to protect your pets from the needless suffering if you ask me.


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        Originally posted by wouldrichest View Post
        I think it's cruel to do that to animals and make it so they cannot have babies. I think they should all have one litter at least before getting that procedure done, hehe.
        This is about as silly as your seizure thread, how many litters did Marti have? Just one? No, probably not...she either had none or she had many. People with your mindset don't stop at 'one'.

        ...and creating a new usernames doesn't get your point across any better.


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          I think people like that know how we'll react they do it on purpose for shock value..I know people like that they just go on their merry way with no real regard for the animals welfare.
          All we can do is try and hope some of our commonsense education reaches people..I have a friend in an animal rescue organisation in a town in Q'ld that actually has hate mail and threats made against her and her workmates and volunteers because they had the nerve to come up against a family that ran the local newspaper that was abusing their dogs hasn't stopped them it's thanks to them and people like you that some animals at least get a chance thank you all and keep up the good work.
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            It is necessary to keep a check on their population as there can be a crisis due to great increase in their population.


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              Yes, all my boys are neutered and if I did get a female cat, I would spay her immediately! 'Just one litter' is pure insanity, in my mind. You know how many kittens there are out there, and you dare say one more litter won't do any harm? I love cats too much to let just one litter happen. All you're doing is bringing animals into the world to suffer.


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                Sometimes I consider choices like this as tough love. We may look cruel but it is actually protecting dogs from suffering. it annoys me to see so called owner irresponsibly breeding their dogs just to get cute kittens or puppies.


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                  Wow I got lucky my cat was neutered by Spay-n-Release, free for me!


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                    Now if more people would support these people who are trying to help spay/nueter they could do more. The colony of feral cats at a gas station by the freeway off ramp have been on a waiting list for almost a year! In that time, one has disapearred, at least one has had kittens, and one is almost touchable! Please urge your vet to donate even one day a month to this cause, and point out to pet owners that just cooking at home one day extra a week instead of taking the kids out for junk food would save enough money to spay or neuter their new kitten by the time it reaches breeding age.


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                      Thank you for sharing. I took my dog for neutering and it did quite cost much. I will recommend this info to other people and for sure i also need it in future. For pet supplies, this link should be useful.


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                        Being an advocate of holistic care for pets I used to believe spaying my animal isn't the best thing till I got to know how many pets get euthanized every year in shelters. It's horrible.


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                          I understand some might find vet expenses costly. But being a responsible pet owner I think we should advocate for quality care for our pets. Here's an interesting article about risks of low cost vet clinics that some might find interesting.


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                            What a great link. I love all animals and it breaks my heart to see stray dogs everywhere. Especially pregnant or with puppies! This won't solve the problem but hopefully the low cost will inspire more people to get animals that aren't their own fixed for the less fortunate and of course for the love of animals My children are in Indonesia and they tell me the stray dogs with collars have been fixed by expats and when they round up the dogs to put down they leave those who have been fixed. The locals don't have the money. They have also met a few expats who feed the stray dogs at the beach every morning. How sweet! Pay it forward in anyway possible!
                            One love for all pets!



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                              This is really helpful and I will surely give it a try...