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Danger in eating flies?

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  • Danger in eating flies?

    Does anyone know if it is at all dangerous for Earl to eat flies?

    He is a major bug catcher and today I found a teeny tiny, moving white worm on the fur of his back. He has no wounds and his stools are clean (I checked, what fun that was). I don't know if a fly just dropped a larva on him or if he could have a problem from eating flies all the time. Maybe the laid eggs in his litterbox and it just got onto his fur in there (it's cleaned out all the time)

    BTW- his last stool test at the vet was a couple months ago and that was clear.

    Anyone encounter any problems with their bug catcher cats?

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    Boy I hope there isnt harm in eating bugs because I have a cat that will catch any kind of bug and eat it. So far it doesnt seem to have caused any harm to her, so Im keeping my fingers crossed.
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      Flies are not good to eat, they can carry Coccidiosis, among other things that I can't think of right now.

      The white "larva" is likely a section of tapeworm. About rice-sized. If so, it is basically a sac of tapeworm eggs. They can get it from eating fleas, if I remember correctly... Stool samples often don't catch the tapes because they aren't always actively shedding. Usually the vet makes the diagnosis based on the description of the "rice piece". Here's a link with some "lovely" illustrations for you
      I'd suggest you call your vet and treat for tapeworm. You shouldn't even need to take him in.
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        The worm was way up on his back, almost near his shoulder blades.

        Today when I went to clean the litterbox, I noticed some moving worms in his stool. I guess I did not see them before because the stools in there were covered in litter.

        However, he has a covered litterbox and there were flies in trapped in there. I know this fly problem is because of my disgusting neighbor who doesn't walk his dog, he just lets her go to the bathroom in the house and cleans up about once a month. I have already spoken to his landlord, as the property next to me is a duplex, but nothing has been done about it.

        Anyways, I am not sure if these are tapeworms or maggots. I think the flies are laying eggs on his stool and one of the maggots got on his fur when he used the litterbox. None of my pets have fleas, so I don't know how he could have gotten tapeworms.

        Hopefully my vet will be open on Monday, with the holiday and all. I will take a stool sample over to be analyzed. If they are just maggots, I will have to make sure I clean the box a couple times a day, since I usually clean it every other day. That won't give the flies a chance to lay the eggs.

        I am so grossed out. I just hope my Earl is ok. He doesn't appear sick at all, and I have checked all his lounging spots and bedding for any rice looking pieces that could be tapeworms, but found nothing.