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Aloe Vera poisonous to cats?

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  • Aloe Vera poisonous to cats?

    Hello all

    Trying to get some thoughts on aloe.

    I have an aloe plant outside that I want to bring in but I am not sure if it is safe with the cats. I tried to do some research on the internet and that was very unhelpful. I found some sites that say it is extremely poisonous, some sites that say only certain things found in store bought aloe products are poisonous (with no mention of the actual plant) and I found even some sites that talk about treating cats with aloe!!

    Any fellow cat owners know if it is safe or not?
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    I have not ever heard of aloe being poisioness. I used it on my infant and put it in their water for colic.
    I would call your vet or your local poison control office to get some advice.


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      An aloe plant won't kill your cat but I would worry more about them digging the poor thing out of it's pot every chance they get.
      We've lost countless aloe plants that way and just resolved ourselves to the fact that cats and houseplants don't mix.
      Hope you have better luck!


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        i have a list of all indoor house plants that are toxic to animals & aloe is on that list. I confirmed this with my vet so please be careful. Don't take the risk. I got this booklet from my vet. Its called 101 things that are dangerous to pets & it has a complete list of all toxic house plants & aloe was on that list. Please leave it outdoors. You wouldn't want kitty to get sick


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          So many different opinions!!

          Thank you all for responding

          caligirl, I asked my sister who has been a vet tech for about 5 years now, and she said she had no idea, she has never had a cat come in with poison from it, she said she would ask the vets at work, but her memory stinks.

          Roofrabbit, If I leave the plant outside it is going to die. I have had it outside for a little less then a week now, and the leaves are already starting to brown. I think it is because the temperature is fluctuating so much. So I just had to take my chance with the cats, either it stays out and dies or it comes in and either the cats kill it or they shock me and leave it alone and it does fine, but I just do not want to risk them getting hurt.

          catlady2006, thank you! Your book may very well be right. And I will not risk it. It may be something that can or can not hurt cats. I have heard of things that are poisonous to animals that my cats growing up use to eat and they never got sick. But I just do not want to chance it. I hate to see the plant die, but I value my kitties a lot more then the plant!
          Human mommy of FatBoy, Princess, Sweetie and Tank

          "The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men."


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            My posts are based on personal experience but I don't want to contradict Catlady. If somebody took the measures to publish that information in a booklet then it must be credible and I'm not a vet or a chemist.

            We used to keep Aloe plants to assist the healing of burn scars (long story) and they all fell victim to our cats without any health issues. I stand corrected, however, because it's better to be safe than sorry and (like you said) not worth the risk.

            I would not have posted if Catlady had posted before me and apologize.


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              No need to apologize Roofrabbit. I asked for other cat owners opinions and you gave me yours.

              Like I said, when I searched on the internet I got a bunch of different opinions, I am not surprised to find the same here
              Human mommy of FatBoy, Princess, Sweetie and Tank

              "The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men."


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                DO NOT put Aloe plants within animals reach

                DO NOT bring aloe vera plants within animals' reach. We have had them around the house for some time now and my dog and cats have never touched them.
                However, my rabbit ate some of one and it killed him within a matter of hours.

                They ARE poisonous to animals if they should decide to eat it!!!


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                  Aloe vera

                  I have a black based calico that I love to pieces and she eats all of our plants. I have never let her go outside with the other cats because I worry she will get herself killed. But that strays from the point. She ate our aloe vera plant and she didnt die nor did she show any symptoms of poisoning. So I should think its safe beings it took her a year to eat it XD


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                    Aloe Vera

                    I'm kind of surprised that Aloe Vera plants are toxic. I have two cats that have been chowing down on mine regularly for years. I was looking up whether roses were toxic and stumbled across it. There does seem to be contradictory information about whether or not it actually is.


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                      Ok, I just found Animal Poison Control from ASPCA. That has to be a reliable source. They are saying it is. Guess the plant goes outside!


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                        For anyone who thinks their pet may have eaten a poisonous plant (or any other poison) the

                        Animal Poison Control Center hotline number:



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                          Aloe Vera

                          Aloe Vera is magical for humans, it is pretty unexpected that it would harm a cat but I have read that it does numerous times. I would be wary if you had a cat that liked to eat and dig in (contact) plants.
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                            I've had cats eat Aloe plants with no adverse reactions. But now with the cats wanting to eat and the ferrets wanting to dig, I don't even bother with house plants now. One less thing to worry about.
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                              aloe vera

                              I have never heard before that aloe vera is poisonous. Rather it is edible in different parts of world.
                              aloe vera benefits