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Swollen bottom lip

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  • Swollen bottom lip

    I have a beautiful all white cat named Jill. Her bottom lip is swollen and seems to be getting bigger. I saw a thread about acne but this doesn't look like acne to me. No white head, soft to the touch like pus is in there. I don't want to use a needle and penetrate it if i don't have to. Any help is greatly appreciated as I cannot take her to our vet. I donated a kidney to my wife in june and due to our being out of work for a while we recently filed bankruptcy. We used to take our babies to the vet if ANYTHING was wrong so it's not a matter of now wanting to take her it's a matter of not being able to. Please help I'm worried for her and my wife is too. And that's not healthy for her because she is pregnant!
    Thanks in advance!
    In Loving Memory of Rippert, Rocky and Tigger

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    I read your profile and noticed other pets - any other kitties they could have "snagged" her by chance on the lip? and how old is Jill? Once of my cats had a swollen lip once as well ... even though I keep mine inside, but they do have an outdoor custom built "palace" (cage) for the day, it was a flea bite that caused it. I keep them on frontline but only during the summer months - and down here in VA that means starting in March through October!

    This may be a suggestion for you ... or please check out teeth and gums ... is why I asked for her age ... they are like us and tartar/plaque build up does occur and can cause this type of swelling along with a bad tooth in that area. Any signs of pigmentation change at this swollen site to must be checked for, could - but not usually cancer. I will check a site that I have for further information on this to see if we cannot get some more answers for you ... I/we understand the financial situation that can happen to any of us at any time.

    I'll post back shortly.

    "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer

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      Thanks so much for your help. I will check her for anything resembling what all you've mentioned. As for any other kitties knicking her it's almost impossible. Jack is sort-of her husband. I know it sounds crazy but when we got Jack and Jill they were living in the engine compartment of my father in law's Jeep while he was gone to Korea for a year. The two of them are so sweet it's almost unreal!!! My home computer is out of comission right now with a bad spot on the hard drive but I will get some pics in here of the two of them together as soon as I can. A lot of times we find them asleep together in one of the many pet beds in the house and Jack's arm is actually around her! It's the coolest thing in the world. As for Winston...he is just sort of a loner. He usually stays under our bed all the time. When Jennifer and I get home he'll come out to visit and then he'll be gone again till bed time!

      And all 3 dogs get along with all 3 cats. It's the darndest thing. We are truly blessed!

      Thanks again you are really a huge help.
      As soon as I can I'll post up with some more info.
      P.S. Jill's pigment still is pink and is not any lighter than usual!
      In Loving Memory of Rippert, Rocky and Tigger


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        Please post pics! Oh ... I laughed and was tickled when I read your post ... because we have "hook-ups" like that here in this house! Two males that sleep like that and just adore each other, and I we have a black lab, foxhound and a beagle and THEY all love the cats (all 13) and the cats love them - complete harmony here - like you said "unreal". The dogs lick and pamper the cats, it's crazy!

        I loved hearing about Jack and Jill! BUDDIES! Too cool! And Winston! Awwww, hee hee... we have a loner cat here too, but she loves the dogs, crazy it is ... just goes and rubs all over them! Yes, I agree with you - WE ARE BLESSED. I hope you and your wife are doing OK and your soon to be baby!!
        I really wish you the best after reading your first post ... My husband and I have been through some rough times as well - in our earlier years, but all is WONDERFUL now due to us having faith ... but know it's life and can happen to any of us at any time, and again - you have our prayers as well.

        Love Laurie

        "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer

        If you know my location, then YOU are IN TUNE...


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          My cat gets "stress" blisters every so often

          Hi! Couldn't help but respond to your situation. My cat gets "stress" blisters every so often. I took him to the vet a couple times and he said that a lot of cats get them when they get stressed out. I honestly thought that we had the only cat in the worled that gets "stressed out!" Ha! It always worries me when he gets one, but it usually goes away in a few weeks. It's not contagious to humans, but apparently it's contagious among cats, though our other cat has escaped getting them for the two years we've had him. I hope this helped!
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            I got a 7 month old cat, Filfil, from a shelter a few weeks ago and noticed that there was a swollen part on his mouth that his tooth was digging a hole into. The shelter has a vet full time, and when I took him back to get it checked out, they gave him an anti-inflamatory shot. We don't know what caused the swelling, but it's gone down since the shot and he's due for another one (a week later).
            Being cash-challenged at the moment, the best thing about consulting the vet at the shelter was that she only asks for donations and knows that I give what I can. So my advice would be to try one of the shelters and hope that a vet with a good heart will put you cat's health first and the financial thing second.