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How do you get a cat out of hiding????

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  • How do you get a cat out of hiding????

    hello all,

    My wife and I really miss our cat Abby. She's still with us, but won't come out of the couch. Abby has been in hiding since we brought home our 3rd dog Chelsea. Abby has always been great with our other 2 dogs because she was raised with them. However, Chelsea is a little bigger and likes to chase Abby. Our other cat knows that if you don't run from the dogs, they lose interest and go away. Abby doesn't understand this. She runs away and that gets Chelsea going even more. So, for the past few months, Abby has been hiding out inside our couch, and only comes out at night to roam around in peace.

    We really want to try to incorporate these two, and find a way to show Abby that Chelsea wants to play with her but not hurt her.

    Have any of you been through this process, and do you have any success stories? Your help would be greatly appreciated by myself, my wife, and Abby.


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    I would put them in seperate rooms, and supervise them when they are out together. Slowly allow them to get to know each other, and to teach them not to chase each other.
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      I've been there. I put the new dog in a crate and let the cats roam around the crate and find out that the dog wasn't going to hurt them. One of the cats even went up and hissed and smacked at the dog in the crate. The dog wasn't hurt, no claws, but the dog didn't like it and cowered in the corner. After a few times of this, the dog didn't even want to play with the kitties any more and the cats weren't afraid of him.


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        Hi Jim and welcome

        Been there, done that!. mzdolittle gave great advice.. thats what I would start doing. Everytime I bring in a foster dog, I will crate the dog for a few weeks... depending on their temperment.. only letting the dog out when its closely supervised and letting the dog know its a no-no to bother any of the cats. My 3 cats are pretty used to new dogs invading their space and can hold their own.. but alot of the dogs aren't used to being around cats. With the cats walking around the crate, the dogs usually figure out that they belong there and get used to them. Knock on wood... its really worked so far and all my fosters have eventually gotten along with the cats. You might also think about getting a tall cat tree for your cat to take refuge if you dont have one already. We have a 6' tall cat tree and the cats love to be on it... it gives them security knowing the stinky dogs cant get them, they're out in the open and dont have to hide. Good luck!.


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          Seperate them between one of those child gates so they can see and smell each other but the dog wont be able to run after her.
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            Great advice, also you could put the dog on a leash and when he tries to chase her you hold the other end and tell her NO. I would also try to slowly reintroduce them, give your kitty a room and put up a baby gate so the dog can't get to her, but with the baby gate she can come and go as she pleases, and get to know the dog through the gate, i've done this a few times this summer with some strays and it's worked great for me. Good luck.

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              well i think this is all good advice. the baby gate thing works well in my cats know they can go there to get away from the two pups are pretty good about not chasing them, but once in a while one of them will get excited.

              the one bit i would add though, is try introducing them in a safe way, (ie. what was mentioned before), but try to introduce them in a place the cat can't hide...otherwise it will naturally just hide and i'm not sure how much this will help. if you maybe put them in a room where the cat can't hide and the dog can't hurt it the cat will have no choice but to eventually get used to the dog. good luck