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sneezing cat and watery eyes

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  • sneezing cat and watery eyes

    This is my first post - so please bear with me - my 4 year old cat has been sneezing for a couple of days and now has runny eyes - I have a terrible cold and wonder if I gave it to him - I've done some research and not sure what to give him til I get a hold of our vet - any suggestions - can I give him a little piece of benadryl - thanks

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    Hello and welcome to pet lovers! Never give a cat human medicine (or any medicine) unless it has been prescirbed by your vet.

    You can make him more comfortable by sitting in the bathroom with him while running hot water. If you have a shower/tub arrangement, plug the tub, and run the shower, the room will soon fill with steam.

    Wipe any build up on his eyes or nose with a bit of damp bounty paper towel (don't use cheap ones as they have a lot of lint, you can also use a bit of soft cotton) dampen with warm (not hot!) water.

    To wipe his eyes press the bit of cotton over the crust (or eye mucus) in the corner of the eye for a second to soften the crust, then firmly but gently wipe down and away from the eye.

    Be sure you do not press on the eye itself.

    For his nose, again be very gentle and if it's crusty wait until you've steamed him, that should soften it up.

    Call the vet tomorrow morning first thing.

    Keep an eye on his appetite, often cats with URI (upper respiratory infection) lose their appetite because cats operate on smell, and they can't smell their food. Coax him to eat by offering him the smelliest canned food he likes, and warm it slightly first to release the aroma.

    I don't think you gave him your cold, it is just coincidene that the two of you are sick together, or you are both suffering from airborne allergies. But even if it's allergies don't give him anything until you talk to his vet.

    Keep us posted, what's his name?


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      Seems like I read that Benadryl is totally off limits for cats. While vets approve more human meds for dogs the only ones I've ever heard for cats are a few antibiotics, one specific antacid and two topicals.

      You can often get nutrition into a congested cat by making a strong chicken broth (no onions) and giving it to them warm.

      The best thing to do would be to get him to the vet, Amoxxi shows results pretty fast.
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        Originally posted by nanamouse View Post
        Seems like I read that Benadryl is totally off limits for cats. While vets approve more human meds for dogs the only ones I've ever heard for cats are a few antibiotics, one specific antacid and two topicals.
        When my Zeuss got stung by a hornet (the first time), his paw swelled up to double its normal size. His vet told me to administer an antihistamine, namely Diphenhydramine, and she specifically suggested half a Benadryl. Zeuss wasn't happy about this, but his paw's swelling reduced within a half hour of the meds.

        Zeuss unfortunately got stung a 2nd time soon after, and the treatment was repeated again to great success.
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          I wouldn't agree with benadryl too. Always check with your vet before giving pets any human medicine. Even if some people say that it is theoretically safe, still you would need to determine the appropriate dosage. You may carefully wipe his eyes with a clean damp cloth or cotton.
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            Go to the health food store and buy a product called "Silver Biotics" ..........Trust me on this.........It looks like water. It's mild colloidal silver and is absolutely perfectly safe for any animal or human. I have used it for myself and my cats and let me tell you the stuff works and the cats LOVE it! I first found out about it a few years ago when my cats paw was infected and I did a search on the internet and found someone mentioning that. I then did research on it and decided to buy some. I poured some in a bowl and for some reason the cats drink it like it's tuna juice! The next day, the infection "smell" on her paw was gone .......Her paw was still swollen and I kept giving it to her until it was finally healed up. Basically colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic........It's nano-silver and will not turn you or your cat blue from taking it. I KEEP it in my cupboard.

            My other cat Leo had a watery eye situation and it scared me. These two cats I own are both indoor only and I couldn't figure out why his eye was watering. I immediately gave him the silver biotics everyday for about four days a couple of times per day and his eye got better..... Had it not, I would have definitely taken him to the vet. This stuff has saved me several times where (had I not had it) I would have probably ended up taking them to the vet.......They are both happy healthy cats and this stuff absolutely amazes me............You can also take it yourself when you start to feel ill.......It will not interfere with any medication....Again, I don't know if any of you have ever had a cat with an infected paw pad (when it gets to the point where you can smell it) that's infection........a bad smell..........I was completely FLOORED that the next day the infection smell was gone......

            I was very paranoid about this at first thinking I was giving my cats something that was going to harm them but on the contrary, it's really good stuff........I would not be without it.

            You do not have to get the particular brand "Silver Biotics"......Just make sure you get a silver that is 10 (PPM) parts per million).........