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Why...Cat Urinating on Bed??

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  • Why...Cat Urinating on Bed??

    My cat Inky is now 12yrs old.

    He's a tough old boy having survived a Urinary track operation over 2 yrs ago. He's been a good boy and i trained him to go out outside to urinate and poop (so in this respect he's been good).

    Lately however, he's been urinating in my bed which doesn't make me happy (extra laundry chores).

    What could be the problem?

    Is he getting Senile due to age?

    Is he getting afraid to go outside?

    thanks for your input...


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    Most likely he is ill, and is telling you he is ill in the only way he knows how. Please take Inky to the vet. He could have a bladder/urinary tract infection, kidney disease, diabetes, or any other number of senior cat diseases.

    Your vet should do a complete blood chemistry work up to check organ function, including thyroid and a cbc, and a urinalysis and urine culture.

    In addition as he is getting older, it would be a good idea to give him a litter box. Keeping track of litter box habits is a good way to keep track of a cat's overall health, all cats should have access to an indoor bathroom, regardless of age, but especially as a senior, and especially a cat with his UT history.

    Please take Inky to the vet, and let us know what you find out.


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      ^^ No...i don't think he's sick...but i will take him to the Vet just to be sure. The reason i say that is because he's eating great...he eats twice a day...and he's running around a lot...and wages his tail when he's happy.

      But he has been acting weird lately so...maybe he's trying to tell me something.

      Might be Senility setting in...Hope not (*sigh).

      He has a litter box but doesn't use it. He's an indoor-outdoor cat and has been since i got him.


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        Cats do not always act sick when they are sick. In fact they are masters at hiding illness and pain.

        Just the fact that he is peeing on your bed says that something is wrong.

        12 is not that old and I doubt very much that it is senility.

        He is telling you something is wrong. Please do take Inky to the vet and get a senior work up.


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          maybe he want to tell something to you...and you said he has a urinary track problem history and undergo operation...maybe that can be one possibilities of his weird actions...better bring him to vet for check up...
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            1) i placed a litter-box in the bathroom where Inky has been urinating lately and it seems to have worked.

            Apparently, another car had snuck in the house recently and from what i'm told, Cats will mark there territory by urinating in different areas as a warning or signal to other felines to keep away.

            2) Either that or the Ink has receached an age where its just too much work to go outside..

            3) Could be too hot to go outside. Its 95 outside on a daily basis so i don't blame him.

            thanks for the input you guys...will keep you posted.