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Sensitive kitty thrower-upper and diarrhea

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  • Sensitive kitty thrower-upper and diarrhea

    Does anyone have any clever recipes for my lovely Burmese girl who has never seemed to tolerate any dry or canned food? Her reactions vary from throwing up to runny tummy. She's fine with fresh meat, but I'm concerned about the balance of her diet. I've tried all sorts of brands, including some expensive 'niche' 'natural' brands ordered over the Net.

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    Hello and welcome to pet lovers. Here are some websites that you may find helpful

    (this first one has recipes, I know for sure, the others may also, all have excellent info)

    a website devoted to IBD kitties


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      forgot one


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        Hi ICareKitties...poor kitty!

        Though I don't have any websites recipes, just wondering if she has been checked out by the vet for specific causes to the digestive upset?

        Our cat, a Siamese, was determined to have a food allergy, so the vet suggested Hills Prescription Diet Z/D formula. We used both canned and dry. The food allergy was after IBD was ruled out.

        It can be so frustrating when our fuzzy loved ones aren't able to live comfortably, despite our best efforts.

        Let us know what ends up working for you!

        Until next time...Annie Families to Understand Felines...One Meow At A Time!


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          helpful websites!


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            Sensitive Stomach

            Sorry to hear about your kitties stomach problems. I have a rescue cat who had the same problem. I have taken him off of dry food completely and he is doing a lot better now. Cats are carnivores and are meant to get their protein from meat, not vegetables. Dry food has a lot of fillers, is higher in carbohydrates (raises insulin levels/weight gain) and is just not really the best option for a cat's diet. Have you tried only feeding her wet food?
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