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HELP!! feeding a 6 week old kitten

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  • HELP!! feeding a 6 week old kitten

    how often do kittens eat?? will they over eat?? this baby kitten is so cuddly and when she is hungry she comes up to my face and tries to "nurse". should i feed her everytime she does that, or only feed her at certain times???

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    my opinion is, if she is hungry, feed her. I woudl not leave food out for her and feed her small amounts frequently. Is she eating canned andhard food? are you feeding her kitty milk> overall is she healthy?

    Hoe did you end up with such a young kitty?


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      Hello hun,i use to work for the RSPCA animal welfare society rescuing cats so i have hand reared quite a few.The cat i have now was only 4 days old when i was given her to look after.Her mom was found dead,locked in a coal bunker with other siblings.It was hard work but worth it.Against the odds she lived and is now 14 years old.If you ever need any help or advice then just give me a buzz on msn and i would be more than happy to give any advice needed.Just remember the time differance between the states and the Uk.
      I wish you luck hunni,you desrve it for taking this on.


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        I'm no expert, but when I brought Icee home, she was about the same age as your kitty. My vet told me to give her this stuff called Catsip. You can get it at most petstores, but Wal-mart seems to have the best prices. Walmart also has kitten formula (think of it as baby formula for the four footed set) that my vet likes, I think Hartz makes it. Follow the directions on the can.

        Good Luck!

        and my furry family: Nermal, Odie, Bunkee, Pumpurr, Icee and the world's stupidest dog, Snickers


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          Frist off calm down & Enjoy your new kitten!!

          Have you showed her the litter box yet?? ( A swallow pan will do with some litter in it. You will have to take her by the front paws & show her what to do. She will get the hang of it. I always have fresh water on the floor, which you can show to her by dipping your finger in the water & bringing it to her mouth. But watch her so she does not dip her whole head in the water... Now mind you, You may have to rub her butt so she goes to the bathroom. If she hasn't started already doing that on her own.

          I really understand what you are going thro now. I go thro it every Spring around here. What ya need is KMR Milk which can be bought already mixed or in the powered form.. These ones that I have here now were a bit younger then yours is now. But not by much. 5 were born,But 4 were left behind when there mother went hunting for them. I lost one early on. Yes, these 4 kits were born outside. There mother was a Feral Main Coon,Mix. They were really hungry when my human kids brought them inside.

          Luckly I always have some powered KMR in the house along with a nurser & a eye dropper in the spring time. I know I was feeding them every 3-4 hours.. 24/7.. I slowly weaned them off of the KMR as I had softened Kitten food to go with the KMR.. And slowly they grew up on me I would not trade any of them to anyone!!
          Basicly every 3-4 hours She will tell you when She is hungry as you have already found out. And 99% of the time Kits will fall asleep when they are full & warm. So when they tell you they are hungry Feed them! & enjoy!

          They won't blow up by any means!

          By all means get her to a vet & have her tested for FelV

          Good Luck to you & your new kitten!

          Lets us know what happened with her/him .. Again Good Luck to you!!

          Your Welcome to IM me and ask me questions If you would like.
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            I found my Earl when he was 4 weeks old and he's almost 7 weeks now. He eats solid food, he didn't want the kitten formula but does still try to nurse off of my face, I think it's just instinct.

            The vet said feed him every 3-4 hours, and thats what I've been doing, its hard work but worth it! He was only 13 oz when we first got him and we go for a weigh in and first shots on Sat. He's grown so much!

            Luckily he also took to the litterbox right away, hasn't had a single accident (that I've found anyway, LOL)

            Good luck with your kitty!


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              Dear phillydogs,

              Your little Earl sounds like he is a cutie for sure! You have any pictures to share??

              Glad to hear that your little guy took to the litter box right away for you.
              These little ones here did too That is 1 thing that we don't have to worry about. YAY!!

              Go by what your Vet tells you on Saturday ( Also tell her/him about the nursing/ sucking he trys to do.. She/He is your best friend right now as far as keeping little Earl healthy & happy!..

              As far as him trying to nurse off your face?...
              I have 4 lambwool little bears that these 4 try & nurse from. All 4 of them leave my face alone.. But it is the middle of the night that throws me for a loop!.. I wake up to one of them sucking on my ear LOL I sleeply grab one of the bears & give that to him/her. Then I can go back to sleep for a little bit.

              btw I got these little lambwool bears in the dog section for these kits here.

              I think they call that " Wool Sucking".. To be on the safe side of things I would "HIDE" all my good sweaters ect.

              Good Luck with your little Earl!!
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                Thank you Rowdy,

                My Earl is doing great, he's gained so much weight, just a half oz. shy of a pound! He's now 1 lb 12.5 oz!

                Here's some pics

                When we first brought him home:

                More recent:

                After one of his many Dial soap baths:

                He did have roundworms though, they didn't show up on the first fecal exam but did on this one, so that is getting treated.

                I give him a little stuffed mouse to chew on in the middle of the night, although my nose has become a favorite. I am allergic to wool, so thats out. He enjoys waking me up with a nice gentle nibble, like he did at 4:30 am last night because he had to pee.

                How are things with your kitty zzkiwi?


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                  Dear Phillydogs,

                  Those Pictures are Awsome of Earl!! He is a cutie!! Glad to see that Earl likes the camera YAY!!

                  Those nasty Worms should clear up shortly for Little Earl. I assume that the rest of Earls check-up went well??

                  These 4 kittens here I had them tested for FeLv, Aids & treated for worms right away..
                  ( I already had 2 year old Sparkie in the house here So I had to make sure it was safe to put these little guys on the floor. Instead of there box & still be safe for Our Sparkie)
                  As what I have read & experanced in the passed with kittens they Almost always have Worms!... So I saved myself a few dollars right away!!

                  As far as a Lambwool bear for Earl. I bought one of those small chew toy bears for dogs.( there made with fake lambswool) I can't handle Wool either. Who says ya can't use a dog toy for a kitten or Cat?? Check out the bins & see what they have. Just remember the budget when ya check them out. & see If you & Earl would like it. Would save your nose..You can always use a old sock tied in a knot....That type of thing.. Get Creative!.. Amazing what a person can come up with for your Kitten Or should I say Kittens & Cats??

                  Just make sure he can't swallow anything from the toy

                  All in all these guys are doing SUPER .. ( 1 girl & 3 boys)
                  They had there 6 month Birthday.. Matter a fact they were 6 months on October 28th & with that we had them Spayed & Neutered.
                  Our little girl tended to be a bit on the sleepy side for a few days.. The boys we had to get them to settle down. Which we did.. very slowly..
                  Now they are just purrrrrrrrrrrrring away here. There on the couch by the computer here.. They are taking one of there many Kitten Naps thro out the day time.
                  Our little Mellow is still giving me face washes & cleaning my ears at night.. LOL

                  We always try to make sure that we get them warn out before we call it a night (Playing with them more after we have our supper) Otherwise it makes for a long night for all of us here with those Night Crazyies that Kittens & Cats can get...
                  Good Luck with Little Earl!

                  How is your Kitty getting along these days??
                  Please let us know
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                    Be careful when giving him a stuffed toy to chew on. If they swallow any of the stuffing, you could have big problems. My mom went through this. Her dogs intestine's were blocked with stuffing from toys, and it cost a couple thousand to do the operation.


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                      I already thought of that, Before I gave the stuffed bear to the kits.
                      What I did was I opened it up, & pulled out the stuffing the manufactor put in it & put Old tube socks inside of it With a little catnip.. btw All 5 of them LOVE it here

                      Thanks for the heads-up as alot of people don't think of that part till it is too late.. I admit I didn't myself till I talked to a friend who picked up the same little bear. And she told me what she does with her stuff animals... She Cat proofs them. As will I from now on!
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                      Here is my extended Family


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                        My Earl is doing great, growing like a weed, he's 3 lbs 1 oz as of Sat. so he's put on a full pound every 3 weeks so far! LOL! His fecal exam came up clean but we are doing the deworming again this time and with his next shots just to be sure they're gone. Both my dogs had worms when I got them, Noel had roundworms and Oscar had whipworms (what a p.i.t.a. to treat!)

                        He is behaving himself quite well I suppose. We've decorated for christmas so I had to go buy a water bottle, since he likes to attack the garland and my Santa and Mrs. Claus motion dolls.

                        I figured out a way to get him to sleep in his bed. It seems he doesn't like it if it's on the floor, so I put it on top of the radiator cover and he's been sleeping away in it, all toasty and warm. Of course he'd prefer to sleep with us, but if we toss and turn too much, he goes to his own bed. I wake up to him purrrrrrrrrring away at 4 am, usually curled up on my fiance's chest, its really funny.

                        He loves the dogs toys, he likes the "fat kat" ones which are made of thick canvas and are triple stitched, if my dog Oscar can't rip it, Earl definitely can't. His favorite is still the little mouse. I got it at petsmart and had to buy a second to stick under my pillow to give him when I'm trying to sleep. He doesn't really chew it anymore, just carries it around with him and bats away at it. The vet thought it was a riot because I brought it to his last visit and he just ignored the vet while he was playing with the mouse.

                        He is my little 'bathtime buddy' he sits on the edge of the tube between the shower curtain and the inner shower curtain while I'm taking a shower every morning. It's so funny.

                        The vet said we'll test for feline aids and leukemia once he gets a little older.
                        Glad to hear your kitties are doing great too! Thank you for asking about Earl. I will have to take a few new pics, his stripes are really starting to show now.



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                          Rowdy Lady, I almost laughed myself to death when you said"They will not blow up by any means". I used to worry about "blowing up "my Kits by over feeding them. I found out in the long run it's not possible! You have given some excellent advice. I too have KMR, bottles, eyedroppers and syringes for feeding the many orphans that go through my house every year. I have litter boxes indoors and outdoors, I know sounds crazy, but my ferals like to use the box , but won't use the ones inside, so they have 3 out side.I have nmanaged to raise an orphan kit that had URI and a horrible eye infection, hence the name Itty Booger, his eyes were the worst I've ever seen.He is 7 weeks old now and still fits in the palm of my hand, he is precious and nothing like the dying kitten I got. It gives me so much pleasure to see him run and play, it almost makes me cry.With him , I went from KMR to KMR/w kitten chow and a teaspoon of canned food mixed in. I get the "evil eye" from my adult cats as they want canned food too, but that only happens with the grown cats on their birthdays.
                          Phillydog Earl is an angel!! Good luck with Earl (love the name).
                          ZZkiwi good luck with your new baby I will be looking forward to seeing pics of your furbaby.


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                            Originally posted by jojoalexis
                            my opinion is, if she is hungry, feed her. I woudl not leave food out for her and feed her small amounts frequently. Is she eating canned andhard food? are you feeding her kitty milk> overall is she healthy?

                            Hoe did you end up with such a young kitty?
                            We got my cat at five weeks of age and he was already eating solid food, so we didn't need to worry about nursing. We still gave him that special cat milk formula every once and a while and he seemed to enjoy it.
                            "I want to do something with my life after I'm dead."


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                              Phillydogs & Pandas1gal,

                              You have wrote about my greatest fear!! The Christmas tree.. Putting it up that is.( I LOVE Christmas! ) I personally would like to put up a little table top Fake Tree. Then put it in the closet at night. BUT there are 3 other people here. So guess I will be Out voted on that idea..LOL . Thick canvas toys are good too. The main thing is that little Earl like & enjoys them, by the sounds of it he certainly does like them. YAY!!! Glad Earl still likes his favorite mouse also.. I have gone thro 6 of them since these 4 little ones came into the house.. Gosh I really hope that Petsmart does not run out of those darn little mice... lol

                              btw Pandas1gal I did not come up with that idea. I give my Vet credit for telling me that kittens will not blow up from over feeding them. She has lots of helpfull advice to share with me & others. What I don't learn from her I read & ask lots of questions. I'm sure you know what I mean. A Vet is your best freind when it comes to knowing & learning things about your pet.

                              My hope is that Itty Booger is doing Much Much better these days!

                              Phillydogs.. I always have all 4 of the kittens in the bathroom with me when I take a shower. Matter a fact our Fuzzy & Mellow took a shower with our Son while he was home for Thanksgiving break. ( He was done with the soap part of the shower).. I'm not the only one that shares....YAY!!
                              The movement of your Mr. & Mrs Santa is attracking Earl to them.
                              Now what happens when you shut them off?? Does little Earl still go after it??

                              Putting Earls bed on the radiator is a good idea.. Least I think so as cats & Kittens LOVE Warmth We have a wood stove in the kitchen & a Corn burning stove in our Dining room here.. Needless to say we all know where all 4 of the kittens are along with our Sparkie are sleeping. one of two places. That is when they are not gettin into trouble... LOL

                              How old is Earl now?? Why I ask is cause these 4 little guys got tested for Felv, dewormed ect.. when they were 6 weeks old.. But then every Vet is differant on how they treat there clients pets.

                              These 5 are doing well here.. I still can't believe they were so darn small a few months ago.. There growing so fast!!

                              mpinsky, Timeing is what a person & there pet are as far as introduceing solid foods. Each pet takes solid food at ther own pace.. Mixed with formula of course. The age is a guidline to go by.

                              Hope all is going well with your little Kitten zzkiwi..
                              Any Pictures yet to share??
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