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Please can anyone help with sick parakeet

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  • Please can anyone help with sick parakeet

    I recently posted a very long story and plea for help in the question forum yesterday, and I know it was obviously too long, but 76 people have viewed it and I still have no advice replys. My parakeet is suffering from what my avian vet thinks is renal(kidney) cancer or more hopefully liver damage which we have been treating Bellyboo with Lactulose and Milk thistle for almost a week now but he is still not improving much. He still eats and drinks fairly well, but has lost most nerve function in his left leg and is wobbly on perch while trying to itch an unrelenting itch. His vent is clogged every day and I rinse with warm water, and his abdoman is so swollen. I am doing everything possible I know, and now my vet says to go ahead and give him Metacam along with the milk thistle as he now feels it is more likely kidney cancer. But I read Metacam can sometimes cause kidney failure and could that be what started him going down this road when I first gave him Baytril along with Metcam over a month ago for a respiratory illness? What other options might there be? Has anyone saved their precious bird from this disease or how can I ease his comfort without putting him to sleep which I can hardly fathom. I still have to hang on to hope as he seems to be, he wants to live, but I can't stand seeing him suffer either. Please someone help. Thanks

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    I wish I could help, but really don't know the answer. I really do hope you find a way to help him, and I am so sorry you're going through this. Wishing you the best of luck. xx


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      Bless this feathered angel

      I'm not sure anyone can give you ringer answers, it's puzzling, but what you might do is talk to savvy area breeders, Question other vets,keep checking forums, look those cancers up on avian bird deseases and mostlet of all keep him happy, and keep right on loving him. I would cuddle him with a small warm water bottle on his breast just an idea. I'll keep him in my prayers.


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        If he is still eating and drinking than it means he hasn't given up yet and while he eats and drinks it means that it isn't to bad for him to cope with.

        If he is in pain than you should see what you can do about that. As for the itching that could be related or unrelated. It might just be a skin problem so make sure to get that checked on.

        I hope he gets better and that this can help.