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Finicky eaters

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  • Finicky eaters

    Hi everyone. I am a birdie mama. I have a 4 month old Cockatiel that I have had now for about 6 weeks. A real affectionate sweetie. Bought it at the Bird Mart in Pomona, CA. I'm beginning to wonder why I find sunflower seeds all over the floor. I caught it throwing them out. She or he doesn't like them for some odd reason. Is this normal Cockatiel behavior?

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    yup! no nutrition, your baby is hungry, Sun flowers are an icecream diet, and is not a filling diet. your bird needs bird pellets customized to it, Cockatiel, there are several brands, zupreem, pretty bird and others, you will find them in pet smart, but your bird also needs to eat brown rice, veggies, apples, oranges, be careful with dairy, STAY AWAY FROM AVACADOS, Seeds are kind of emergency oops I can't get to a store just yet type of a thing, sun flower seeds cause fatty livers, and yes your bird has huled the sun flower seeds and taken the meat from it, I suggest you look at the forums top no no on food, and also check out Http:// you will find Bill incredibly helpful.

    So yes, yooiur bird is hungry, get it on a well balanced died. Becky, myself, and a few others that have parrots are more than happy to answer your questions. why I know is that my birds toss out food when they are hungry and also when the food is stale.


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      Yes I do feed him with fresh washed a zillion times spinach and millet spray, lettuce, apple (no seeds) plums, etc. I'll try the pellets next month when the "Wild Harvest" from 8 in 1 runs out. Thanks for the reply.


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        just a quick note: lettuce has no nutritional value is my understanding is what I hear from the professionals.


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          Their taking bites and throwing the rest on the floor, is what parrots do. In the wild parrots eat pieces out of fruit, and toss the rest away. This feeds everything underneath the tree, and the seeds


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            the usual culprit is the mix your buying is stale....... change it up, mix and match


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