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Top 10 Foods Containing Pesticides

This is a sticky topic.
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    Thats alot!

    That sure is alot of items isnt it? I have only had my birds for a week. I gave them each an orange slice but they havent touched it. I am gonna buy organic treats for them now that i have read this post! My budgie parakeets dont like me yet maybe they wont eat a thing I offer. I think I have been on here for over an hours already just reading all the info and questions I love this site!
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      It is my understanding also that onions are no no's for all birds because they thin blood.
      other no no's I know about for all birds are
      1. avacado's
      2. olives
      3. mushrooms
      4. donuts
      5. all seasonings.

      Rice, I understand, the uncooked is not necessarily good for them because it expands in their bellies, and could cause problems.

      meats heavy in fats are no, no's, no tuna in oil, but you can give them tuna in water.

      I'm sure there is more.

      Cheese and milk can cause allergies.
      and was told lettuce has no nutritional value for birds.


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        i agree... if you grow your own, you can be sure that it will be pesticide free...
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          birds can have pumpkin seeds, and a little punkin too. I took one and gutted it, and my cautious little crew dared take at least a taste.


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            other foods for birds

            I dont know about you all, but but having indoor and outdoor birds taught me alot, anything at all that can be grown to give, has to be grown by me, I think like a bird, what is it that I can get to eat in the wild that isnt touched by man, what kind of fruits in the trees, berries in the bushes, always peeled the skins off anything like apples, if I gave anything like that, if it wasnt grown by me, a hard boiled egg white when they were laying eggs, thats it, I never trusted the outside world, I did alot of research of the birds I had, their natural habitat and what they would eat naturally, and besides the store food for them, anything that they would naturally not get in the wild in their natural habitat, they would not get, I even shelled the peanuts for the parrot, I even grew my own millet for them, I was always weird that way or maybe just to over protective,LOL Chris


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              Jalapeņo? Will birds even eat it? Is spiciness a toxicity factor or just an unpleasantness for the bird?


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                hmmm I always feed my bird Bell pepper coz I have read in the book that the birds like it
                didn't know it has a pesticide
                every week I give them bell pepper n didnt had the problem....
                I always take the seeds out n place it on a container n I use it as a treat for my bird whenever I teach them tricks n theey love it.


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                  lets note a couple more things, some savvy rescue bird people have also said peanuts really are not good for birds. I found hat shocking, but I guess if they get ann occassional nasty one it can make a bird bery sick, so some insist that only tree nuts are good for birds. I watch the peanuts and make sure any nasty looking ones don't go into their food, and the peppers, I understand that they have no sensation as to the hot halapino, and they can eat it and love the crunch. As per the natural, sure some stuff in the store was grown naturally, many aren't and also whn then reach the stores or just before they are processed with chemicals. so yea grow your own is best.

                  and I like to think of it this was, our birds are the natural baramaters of life, and if they can't eat something or be around something we shouldn't either, but convince us???

                  Its nearly impossible.


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                    Top 10 Foods Containing Pesticides

                    Is there maybe some mineral or such missing from their diet? No wonder you are looking for more things to feed them. Maybe you can get some supplements to put in their food or tank?
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                      Thanks for saving our lives! I'm glad that I'm not addicted in eating those foods. I will keep on avoiding those foods for my health.


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                        hmm I got a neighbor that uses seasonings and no wonder her bird is sick!
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                          I'm kind of glad this old thread was revived. Seeing the list of produce, and what they give our birds, has given me some new ideas for when I go to the grocery store.
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                            Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.
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                              There are websites that have long lists of what is safe to feed your birds and some toxic. 2 websites come to mind one I can't remember the name but one of them is, and the other I think but can't remember is http://www.fosterparrots. Just a quick note about celery and lettuce: there is no nutrianal value in these for our winged angels but its ok to give them, grapes? People say be cautious, grapes sometimes do cause problems. Peanuts? Some people say very bad and the only safe nut for our bids is a tree nut...........


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                                Hey thanks for the alternatives.
                                I started utilizing this information from today.
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